Are there any players from Germany?

(Hellsticks) #1

Hi Guys,

I’m from Germany and I got. the feeling that I’m pretty much the only player who lives here.

In anybody from Germany reads this pls add me so I don’t always have to play in the middle of the night with the american players, don’t get me wrong but I have to work almost every day. :smiley:

My Gamertag is Hellsticks

Of course everybody who is able to speak english can add me in he wants to, no matter which CR! :wink:


(Leonie) #2

Damn i’m on pc, i know a lot of germans there :confused:


(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #3

Oh hai!!! :heart:

German XB-1 player here. But I admit I rarely come to play due to work & forumstuff lately…

I´ll add you when I come online. In case I forget it just add me, GT is Ganjamira.