Are there any zer0 leveling guides?

I searched but couldn’t find what i was looking for. What i am looking are guides from 1-OP8 that show you where to farm and at what level it’s ideal to keep in line with gear. Thank you once again. Sorry i ask a lot. I decided on a new play-trough. Probably going melee at first then going into hybrid if that helps you helping me.

There is a melee leveling guide around, made by Altair, if I remember correctly. If you cant find it here, check her youtube channel:

Here is her guide:

I wouldn’t farm too much before you reach at least level 72. Maybe spend some golden keys and farm the loot train when you feel your gear isn’t up to snuff anymore, but most of the time you can progress through the game just fine with stuff you find along the way. Up until the OP levels it’s more about strategy and practice than the gear you carry. There are a few items that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to farm every now and then though, such as the Unkempt Harold, the Hornet and the Fastball (thanks to the latest patch). A good rule of thumb is to upgrade your gear every five levels or so when in UVHM, but some items will last longer than others.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guide as specific as you want other than the one @l_gabrielcruz linked above. If you plan on taking the melee route, I guess it should be enough to give you some pointers.

Nothing wrong with asking.

If you’re going for Sniper Zero, you might find this thread useful. It helped me a lot!

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