Are there certain mayhem modifier combinations that are not possible?

So there are a group of modifiers in each difficulty category. I assume that any from each category could come up randomly. However, I been at this for a long time and certain combinations seem to never come up so I’m wondering if there is some hidden combination that isn’t possible or maybe just stupid RNG?

What I’m looking for is:
easy - speed demon
medium - high voltage
hard - most of these are fine so no preference
very hard - buddy system or holy crit

As I’m re-rolling I look at the very hard modifier and if it’s one of the 2 I’m looking for I look at the easy for speed demon. I can get that combination fine but I never see those 2 + high voltage. I see high voltage come up plenty when I don’t have those other two so it’s making me think there is some hidden restriction. Or maybe just RNG madness. :sob:

And of course immediately after posting this…

Just RNG madness apparently. 30+ minutes of hitting “Q”. Really fun mini-game GB!


Buddy System can’t spawn with Drone Ranger.

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Holy crit cannot spawn with Ticked Off.


For reference there is a Reddit post that analyses what can and cannot roll and the chances for certain modifiers

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Overall they just need to make the darn things selectable by the player.
Re-rolling can take way too long and can ruin an otherwise enjoyable night.

Two days ago I was re-rolling for 45 minutes before coming up with an acceptable combination.

This is one area I give BGX a huge F for fail…


Mob Mentality and Chain Gang also can’t roll together. That change was made when they introduced the guardian takedown and I think it’s performance related (at least I had that combination when I first tried Mayhem 10 and it kept on crashing over and over again so I’d assume that’s the reason).