Are there dedicated legendary drops from bosses?

I’m getting to the point where I need legendaries in the story to do well, I had some golden keys but getting crap luck and I was wondering if certain bosses have higher chances to drop certain legendaries like in BL2 and 3.

There weren’t really when the game launched, but there are now. They’ve been moved around a bit and redistributed a couple of times. I’m sure someone can provide a link to the spreadsheet that’s available on who drops what.

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Are you sure? Borderlands 1 is the game in the series that relies the least on legendaries for success. What type of weapon are you looking for?
I play Lilith primarily, and her “regular” SMGs like stingers and some high fire rate stompers are better than any legendary SMG, even the Hellfire.
What level are you starting to feel underpowered, and with what character? Heck, a purple Havok clears all things with any character.

BL2 and BL3 Legendaries rule. BL1, not so much.


Wrong game. Unfortunately afaik neither BL1 or TPS have as good a loot guide as Lemon. I loathe Wikia/Fandom’s ad bloat and general layout.

Damn, I didn’t checked the section on phone.
Also VH101 post was pointing in BL3 direction.

Well, guess that makes two of us!

For BL1 right now I think your best bet is to look up the named boss fights on the BL Wiki, and see what they drop. Honestly though, you’ll find all sorts of gear in all rarities that will get you through just fine. As others have said, you don’t need legendaries. In fact, you may well get that legendary only to find that it doesn’t hold a candle to the blue SMG that just carried you 5 levels. BL1’s loot system is a very different beast to BL2/TPS.


Outside of the legendaries from the Remaster (which I think can drop from Skagzilla, Craw, and a couple other dedicated sources?) and a handful of the Eridian legendaries in the Knoxx DLC, there aren’t any assigned legendary drops. Most named enemies can drop variants of the quest reward you got for completing the mission they were a part of. Mothrakk can drop the Blister, Slither can drop the Dove, etc.

But as others have mentioned, legendary gear isn’t really necessary for most of the content in BL1. Regular old weapons can do quite well given they have decent parts, and in many cases can outshine their legendary brethren.

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