Are there heroes good with specific pvp maps?

I’m not sure if there is such thing but I would love to hear from anyone’s suggestion for which hero is best as which map. For eg, IMO I think El Dragon is quite good on capture maps, Marquis is good in Overgrowth because of his sniping skills, Thorn is good in any map and can be played in either mode/maps etc etc

Any feedbacks are welcome! Let’s discuss

One of the many reasons I love Thorn, I think she excels on Overgrowth but she’s great anywhere/everywhere.

I think Phoebe is a Meltdown master, she can transition lanes and slay enemies better than anyone other than Thorn.

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Oh absolutely! Kleese basically runs echelon while being “okay” on overgrowth for instance.

I don’t compare game modes really though since some characters just work better with different objectives

Battleborn with good mobility and/or assassin/duelist are good on capture (like Caldarius, Deande, Phoebe)… because you can more easily attack an isolated players
And snipers like Toby and Marquis are not really good as they don’t have safezone (sentry) on their back

Well I always thought Marquis is pretty op in Incursion especially Overgrowth because all he has to do is hide and snipe. No pun intended -.-

Whenever playing on Echelon I always make sure a Miko is part of the group. That map has a lot of slow grinding battles at the stairs by each teams first sentry, and having constant healing allows your team to push out a little more aggressively.

I haven’t had too much of an issue with Marquis on incursion. He definitely excels there more than most game types, but whenever he’s sniping he’s usually alone, and he’s so squishy. It’d be a shame if someone kept slaughtering him every chance they got >.>

Benedict is awesome in Capture/Outback, essentially because he is probably the only one ( with maybe Caldy ) who doesn’t need an ability on cooldown to go quickly from one point to the others. jump, double jump, and glide, he can almost ignore the actual lay of the land. The map is also so open it’s easy to land his ult from far away.

I agree with Phoebe in Meltdown. Circumvoluted maps are the maps she is the most at home. It means more way for her to ambush foes as well as more way for her to get to safety fast. While I’d try and avoid taking her on Outback if nobody took Benedict yet, I’d take her for a walk on Temples.

But the problem he is so far away no one is able to fight him on early. And if he gets a few early kills, he snowballs faster than most heroes /:

My favorite Thorn map is Echelon

Idk what’s up with Echelon but I never get to play that map due to the over-popularity in Overgrowth. Even when you have two voted for Echelon, two voted for Overgrowth and the rest vote “No Preference”, Overgrowth will still win. Gearbox is so bias :stuck_out_tongue: So…I have yet to play one Echelon game!

That’s the only map I don’t do well on with Thorn lol :open_mouth:

The minions seem to follow an easy blight path, The doorways to your sentry are small enough once again for blight to cover one and pretty much shut it down. Also those thin door ways get body blocked when pushing the enemy sentry and I can just shoot through it all with draw strength.

Also that long middle let’s you really rain down arrows

Perhaps it’s my playstyle that prevents me from doing well, I’m a very mobile Thorn and Echelon seems to prevent or even punish mobility.