Are there melee modifiers in Mayhem mode?

Was running Amara last night and I noticed that the effectiveness of Blitz varied from map to map but I didn’t see anything listed in the modifiers that would explain the large difference in damage.

If you convert melee damage to elemental with Illuminated Fists it is affected by elemental mayhem modifiers. Without IF things like “normal attacks” affect melee damage IIRC. All the other possible modifiers can be seen in Sanctuary on the Mayhem shrine.

Ahhhh I’ve only seen “normal gun damage” listed, that why I was a bit confused why it wasn’t working as well as usual. Thanks!

There is +50% melee modifier. If your melee is elemental it’ll affected by all elemental modifiers.

One thing to keep in mind with Blitz is how it handles elemental damage. It doesn’t convert to your chosen element instantly, it only switches after using the action skill. And after loading a save, Blitz starts with the default shock damage even if the fire element was already chosen.

Take a look at your tattoos, if they’re blue Blitz is also still on “blue”. They change colour after using the action skill, and so does Blitz.

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Interesting, I never noticed that before.

Took me some time to notice too, and only because I was testing melee damage and skills and kept getting nonsensical results. Eventually I figured it out, but it took a while.

Note that Illuminated Fist switches element as soon as you pick an element in the skill tree. So after switching element but before using the action skill, Blitz will override IF with the old element, but when it’s on cooldown IF takes over and does new element damage. Thus, you may have one element when Blitz is triggered and another one when it’s on cooldown.

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