Are there only a few start up screens?

I only saw Ghalt, Beatrix and Thorn.

I wish they would have just made a new Concept Art, with the new BB and maybe even Nova just for the sake of it.

Or they should add under Options the Following:

Random - How it’s working now
Alphabetical - Shows the BB in Alphabetical Order
Faction - Shows BB Faction by Faction
Pick - Shows only one of the Selected Start up screens

That would be great, since I can’t stand to only see the the same 3 over and over again although there are so many BB, but there might be others who’d like to set a certain as default Screen, so with all these settings everyone should be happy…

Also an Option for the old Title Screen would be cool, for the Reason of Nostalgia.

These are the only ones I’ve seen so far:






So…why are there only 3 for the PS4 and 5 for Xbox? Seems like a potential bug?

There is a pendles one too. but its rare

Beatrix is the one I see mostly. Ghalt I’ve only seen twice now. No idea how many there are or to what randomisation their are shown…

Oh good, I thought I was the only one who was experiencing this. Good to know that’s not the case. :slight_smile:

It might have been better if GBX had put them in a simple rotation rather than leaving it in the hands of the RNGhodKnowsWhatItsThinking. Ob:RiR.