Are There Pearlescents? Or Will They Be A Possible DLC Addition?

As the topic title asks - has anyone seen that sweet teal glow of a Pearlescent Rarity loot drop yet?

Or will they be a future DLC inclusion as in previous titles?

I’m guessing they do not currently exist in game or I would have read / heard something about it, but you never know!

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Pearl or that sort of teal text rarity came in the past with DLC’s. BL1 was with the Knoxx DLC. BL2 I cant immediately recall. I think it was when UVHM was added or when one of the level cap increases happened. TPS I’m not sure had them. Atleast I cant recall seeing one drop there but then I didn’t play it nearly as much as BL1 and BL2.

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Personally, I am of the opinion that farming for anointed legendaries is tedious enough. I’d rather not they introduce another type of high rarity gear that I’d need to farm. I’d need to chuck 98% of the ones I find anyhow since we have no bank space. Also, I always fell back on legendaries instead of pearls in BL2 because they were better 80% of the time.

Legendaries are enough IMO.


Also. Some of the popular Pearlescents are already in game as Legendary rarity weapons.

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Which ones?

I know next to nothing about the Legendaries in this game yet.

Aside from the preorder bonus ones I started with, I’ve found exactly 3 by level 21 doing every single thing along the way.

You know nothing about legendaries and yet you’re here asking about pearlys? Lolwut

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Off the top of my head, the Tsunami from BL1 and the Bekah and Bearcat from BL2 are all back as leegendaries.

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I’m an enigma, a riddle wrapped in a mystery enfolded in a conundrum like an enigmatic burrito.


What about the Twister? Damn I loved that Shotgun!

Derch has begun his breakdown of the good stuff…check his YouTube channel.

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Agreed. I hope they just stick to the normal rarities this time around. Borderlands 2 got ridiculous with all the different rarities to the point that the “Legendary” rarity started to lose all meaning.


Off the top of my head, so far I’ve seen Bearcat, Tunguska, Unforgiven, Bekah, Tsunami, Nemesis (I think this was a BL1 pearl? Corrosive Dahl pistol in this), Butcher, Storm…all I can think of right now.

And no Twister as far as I know, but the Hellwalker is a fire Jakobs shotty and it is nasty.

Edit: and just to be clear, these are all legendaries, don’t think there are pearls yet