Are there still people playing Meltdown and Capture?

I accidentally found Meltdown and Capture are far more interesting than Incursion, but it’s really hard to find a game in both modes (I’m on PC platform and there are no more than 600 people playing according to Any way to find a game in Meltdown and Capture faster? Such as changing downloading region in steam? (I’m in NA right now)

Nope. It was a nasty cycle. There are people out there who like capture. But more who play incursion, so people go there for faster mm, so more people play incursion, etc.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding a match.

I’m on Xbox and I recently started playing Meltdown instead of Incursion also, and I love it. I think it’s a better game mode, I’ve had much more competitive matches than with Incursion. Luckily, I find a match pretty easily in both of those modes.

Still not a fan of Capture though, so I can’t speak to it’s wait time.

PS4 here.

Havent tried to find a Meltdown mstch in a while (maybe today) but Capture last few times I’ve tried to find a match (both dolo and with 4 others) I’ve given up after waiting 15-20 minutes.

Capture is generally seen as the least popular, because if both teams aren’t even, it ends in a steam roll.

Meltdown, I used to like, but if you don’t have a good team, it’s game over.

Incursion is the most forgiving of the gamemodes, unless of course you’re me and the sentry magically hits with a laser through 3 walls.

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Was it your own sentry? Ive had that one happen. I tried kicking it for doing so but it didn’t work.

No, my turret shot at me though. I only lost a couple pints of blood. I hope I can find my receipt for that piece of junk. Kleese owes me at least 8,500 credits in damages in addition to the 6,000 refund.

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