Are these Glitches ever going to get fixed?

These stacking glitches have been running wild for too long… ruins the game.

Extra projectile stacking

Shield stacking

Respecing over and over

How long you going to let these drain the fun out this game.

Then don’t stack? :man_shrugging:

These to me are probably lowest priority bugs right now.


Simple solution.

I mostly agree with this but the shield glitch is super annoying. I can’t use my favorite shield for certain builds the Band of Sitorak because every time it breaks it stacks the depletion bonus and I can’t do anything to stop it.

I thought the shield break needs to be followed by death in order to stack. Just loosing it in battle should end the multiple stacking or just max it at 2 stacks. Not that I would know about any of that in detail… Ah who am I kidding I had a speed thing and was flying around maps, so fun!

I made this the other day, apparently it doesn’t happen for everyone, we had a discussion in the Moze section. Still not sure exactly what the difference between people it breaks for and people it doesn’t. But I literally can’t do anything to avoid it stacking because it does this every single time for me.

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I will put money on it that some will stay and for good reason: Consumers love glitches. For instance a well known source of most glitches is DPJ, he has over 1 million subscribers…

These sort of numbers most likely encourage intentional glitch manufacturering in game development. If not it will happen…

Obviously the more professional players choose not to use them, and do not play with others who choose to.

Now if they balanced the weapons better overall, and raised the max dps of most weapons and sheild capacity by 10-20%, whilst providing more variation in stats on drops, improved the menu system, sorted bank organisation, provided DLC content with Raid bosses - these, for me, are things that need to be fixed…

Glitches, for me, would be last on the list…

Im not the one stacking peanut!

I want to be able to run one public takedown without someone coming in and lagging/crashing the game.

I don’t believe the devs would allow glitches that undermine all the hard work that goes into borderlands. A duplication glitch is acceptable as it doesn’t effect gameplay. These stacking glitches effect core gameplay which messes up all the fine tuning from the strength of your character and its build, weapons and there anointments and how they synergize, to the strength of enemies and bosses. Alot of time and effort goes into learning each character and how to build them so you can, for example solo takedown on mh4, being able to do this is the reward for what you have learned. Just because people dont know what there doing shouldn’t give the right to be able to simply stack something and dominate the game. I have no problem with people cheating if they do it in there own private lobby, its a free country, but its everywhere. And dont think the devs would allow this for some cheater and his 1 mil followers.

normally you have to build in a particular way if you want to use exploits, in Bl3 you have to build in a way to avoid accidentally using exploits :rofl:


If this was anything but a PVE game I would agree.

But if you have friends you can co-op in lobbies using whatever parameters you want… What everyone really wants… Or you can find people to team up with that like the way you play the game.

And money talks. So if I were a developer I’d be thinking carefully about how consumers play a game. And clearly with over a million subscribers DPJ makes more positive PR for gearbox than the few people who call for game changes on this forum.