Are They Ever Going to Fix This?

Are they EVER going to fix the stuttering issues in BL3 on PC???


what video card? if nvidia 3000 series try disabling Resizable BAR

My system… Windows 10 x64, 5800X, 6600-XT, 32 GB, 980 Pro NVMe… I’ve tried turning off Resizable BAR, and every other “fix” I’ve found on the internet. Nothing works. In DX12, I get random stutters - several a minute. DX11 runs better, but I still get asset stuttering - in an intense battle, when approaching a vending machine, etc. I’ve spent hours on this, to no avail. I think it’s just a poorly coded game.

i might try reinstalling after backing up savefiles. painful as that is

Over the last few weeks, I’ve done a fresh Windows 10 reinstall, followed by a fresh game install. Nothing seems to solve the problem. It’s maddening, but many others are complaining of the same issue, so it must be something to do with the game, when installed on certain combinations of hardware.


Which stuttering issues ?

(AKA, a problem you are having is not always a provl everyone is having).

Played bl3 since epic launch for a a few years , no stuttering here.

I never said that “everyone” was having the problem, but there is a significant number of users that are. I’ve found countless forums and hundreds of posts about this issue. It is widespread, and there is no rhyme or reason as to who has the issue and who doesn’t.

Isn’t this related to texture streaming settings? Either ramp them all the way up, or take them all the way down. One of the two.

It appears to be related to shader caching - not sure if that is the same thing or not. In any case, I’ve tried the -notexturestreaming command, as well as every texture streaming in-game setting, and every combination of the two. Nothing works. Things smooth out after a while, as the shader cache builds up, but as soon as you go to a new area, you have to deal with it all over again. Same thing if you update video drivers, or clear the shader cache. I play several other games with no such issues. It’s the game, and Gearbox refuses to fix it.

My understanding is that shader initialization happens once at the start of the game (during the claptrap dance sequence). After that, I’m not sure how much new information gets added. My impression was that any stutters or other graphics issue from that point on were texture loading, vfx processing, slow downs from high object counts (loot, bodies, bullets, AoEs), and the hit you take from the Echocast extension and social notifications if those are turned on. Have you checked the last two at all?

That’s what I thought, too, but you can check the shader cache, and it keeps growing. Also, I can mess around in one area until the stuttering goes away, exit the game, reenter, and all is still okay. But, delete the shader cache and the issue returns, every time.

I do have those two items turned off. In fact, I only play in single player mode, and have everything social and network related turned off or set to “Local Only”.

I’ve run out of ideas.

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Have you reduced the FOV to minimum? (I know that is a poor choice for battle awareness. It’s just a test.)

A good idea… I gave it a try, but it didn’t make any difference. There is just something fundamentally wrong with shader caching in this game, and if Gearbox won’t fix it, it will never be fixed.

This post solved it for me. Buttery smooth gameplay now on a 3090.

I’ve tried all those things, and several combinations of some of them. I think my problem is a bit different that what most people are dealing with. As long as there is nothing “new” being loaded, gameplay is mostly smooth, but anything that requires a save to, or load from the shader cache causes a glitch. It gets pretty bad during intense battles. A way to test it is to approach a vending machine for the first time. I’ll get a hitch in the video every time.

Vending machines are weird. The texture and writing will often pop in late, meaning it appears fuzzy at first. This is on OG XB1, but I’ve heard of people having the same thing with other systems too.

The vending machine thing was exactly what I was exeriencing. Clear shader cache and I’d work better for a little while only. I know you already tried changing the page file, but thought I’d say what exactly I’m doing because I’m still working without a hitch now.

BL3 installed on my SSD. No page file there.

Second HD is set to Custom Size with Initial and Max Size of 8796 (arbitrary multiple of the recommended).

This is with 16GB of RAM.

BL3 is a memory hog to begin with, and there’s a major leak so transitioning between several zones will eventually fill up the page file and crash the game. That’s not fun but I’m no longer going insane from the pausing.

For me, clearing the shader cache makes the problem worse. Once I play the game for a while, which allows the shader cache to rebuild, the game actually smooths out - until I enter a new area, which causes the shader cache to have to build up more data.