Are they EVER going to.make Toby's ult usable?!

Still takes 3 seconds to start then like 10 seconds of sustained fire to kill anything.

Only way its ever useful at ALL is the knock back from triple fire helix.

Due to this bs I STILL can’t finish his lore

Please be patient. I am sure they are going to do some changes to the ult. But their resources are not unlimited, they can’t fix everything at once!
:slight_smile: They might decide to change that Lore Challenge entirely. And I bet GBX will also do some work on all the weaker ultimates, Toby isn’t the only one with a bad ultimate.

It should just be a hot fix though. Just up the damage.

His should be one of the strongest ultimates to compensate for how slow it is to start and vulnerable he is while firing, not one of if not the weakest ultimate.

I disagree with upping the damage. This ult should be reworked so that it doesn’t enter i nconflict so much with the primary fire. As long as you have to choose between the primary fire (which is quite strong) and the ult, the ult will never be satisfyin except by upping up to ridiculous level.
Ult should bring something else than sustained single target damage. And THIS require a content patch rather than a hotfix.

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Agreeing with Zef on this. It will be far easier to change the lore challenge than change someone’s kit at this stage. Double kill is absolutely ridiculous for a single ability because by its nature it has to be OP. If its not an absurd amount of damage that’s easy to hit then its either too hard to hit or it doesn’t deal enough damage or in Toby’s case it’s both.

I feel like the damage and everything on Toby’s core discharge would atleast be remotely acceptable if the diameter of the beam was increased immensely along with a slight boost to its range and it didn’t get blocked by terrain or characters.

It’s relatively easy to use, functionality wise so I’m basing my fix ideas on that.

  1. Beam shields you from damage to the front while it goes / eats projectiles.

  2. Beam does progressively more damage the longer it stays on someone.

  3. Longer duration.

Imo any one of those is enough to make it work for PvP.

It needa more RANGE as well. Can’t use it from behind the shield because it doesn’t reach very far.

Maybe let it get the same “through the shield” bonuses as the rail gun?

Right? I can’t BELIEVE that ISIC is allowed to keep the ultimate he has, when Toby’s similar ultimate (because of the speed penalty) has less damage, a wind-up time, AND less range. I feel Toby’s ultimate would be acceptable with the same toggleable function as ISICs, with a SLIGHT damage buff.

Idk. I still kind of think the size of the core discharge beam should be around the same size ratio scale as lux and her laser ult on LoL and just mow through anything swept over with it without being blocked by terrain, allies, or enemies. >.>

Especially given the fairly low damage per second, movement penalty, and charge time

I mean they could literally keep the damage on it where its at now because it would deal its damage output by hitting a high volume of targets in a short amount of time.