Are they fixing any bugs, or are they just focusing on ability and gun adjustments?!?

I stopped playing after a few days and won’t return until they fix some of the most BASIC issues with the game.

I can’t complete map progress because many areas are stuck at 0/1 locations found - such as Cistern of Slaughter, beaten it multiple times but the location itself will not check off the progress list.

Other areas even have crazy stuff like 3/1 fast travel locations unlocked…

I have submitted support tickets and they all say they know about the issue, but it has been months now and still nothing in the patch logs mention a fix for this.


It’s probably something that they need to make sure that if they fix it, they don’t end up breaking other things. You’re right, it’s annoying, but I’d rather they fix it properly than break the game more.

It’s been two months… They should have done something by now. It seems they are just focusing on fixing bugs for new events and not focusing on the core game anymore.

Hm. That is a pretty long time. You’re probably right in that they were forced, or told, to prioritize.

What platform are you on?

Not everyone works on bug fixes. What are the rest of the team suppose to do while bugs are being worked on? A balancer isn’t who you want debugging. Also they have talked a lot about bugs and fixes in past patch notes as well as Borderlands Show.

If players really wanted more info they could do a quick search and find the patch notes, and all those twitch shows talking about bugs and whatever.

But the thing is that people aren’t looking for a source of information, they just want to complain/vent.

And understandably, some people just want to play a game that isn’t full of bugs, without chasing information about fixes on their free time.

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I remember the days when games couldn’t get patched. Final Fantasy 7 magic defense didn’t do anything lmao. Even back in those days when games were more simple/simpler? they had bugs.

I am not here vent. I want answers as to why Gearbox puts out menial updates and never focuses on fixing big stuff like progression bugs.

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They’ve fixed a number of progression bugs already - some via update, and some via hotfix. It’s all listed in the notes which you can find here (among other places):

One of the rate-limiting steps with updates (as opposed to hotfixes) is that they require certification from Sony and MS before deployment. My understanding is that this may add 1-2 weeks to the timeline, and is also why some things are delayed so that they can be incorporated into a single, larger update.

One intriguing thing in the last update was this little nugget (buried way down the list under “General”):

So it may be that, moving forward, more things can be addressed through hotfix than was previously the case?

I know it would require more work, but if they split hotfixes and updates into smaller ones, then if the changes break something, it isn’t going to break as many parts of the game, and could make them fix the bugs faster instead of having to wait another week. If it does take a week to certify it, then that complicates that though.

sounds like more stealth nerfing on the horizon…

They are also probably limited by Sony and MS on the frequency which they can push through a patch, which is why we get them big, which leads to the increased possibility of what happened with this last one. I don’t know maybe I’m just making up an excuse for GB :stuck_out_tongue:

Continuing with this speculation, that would mean if they did smaller patches it would take even longer to address everything wrong with the game, but I suppose things could be more accurately corrected.

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It comes with it’s complications, for sure, but if they were split into biweekly fixes, then it might mean a faster reaction time to bugs, and so they know what they did wrong for the next fix. It also means that they won’t break the game with one big fix, so the game won’t go from ok, to broken, to ok again.

Right now, the update schedule is like a bumpy road, but if the bumps (bugs from updates) were smaller, but more frequent, then it’ll feel smoother.

The amount and severity of bugs that are present in the game nearly three months after the game’s release certainly isn’t a good look.

December patch has to show some real progress in term of bug fixing.

That’s funny because I thought they were just focusing on creating new bugs for the core game like breaking guardian ranks or letting core game bugs and optimizations languish like the UI/inventory bugs and pathetic FPS performance. Good to know they are focused on something I guess!


So yeah, progression tracking is still broken 2 years after release…
Also Gehenna doesn’t even have missions x/x progression listed…

I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t be that hard to fix…

I really do think that from now on they should just go and test the game and fix these bugs before abandoning it.

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