Are They Going to Implement "Cross-platform" Crossplay with PC and Consoles Still?

I seen gearbox employees and reporters talk about crossplay and figured they meant cross platform crossplay but i guess only PC to PC has been released??? Wow I wanted to play with my brother that plays on Xbox he just bought the game since the DLCs are out so we could play together. How long do we have to wait or did he just waste his money like damn I wish more games would let people play together in cooperative games .

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I don’t think we know exactly yet but I don’t understand what ‘crossplay’ would mean if it’s not across consoles and PC.

Having said that, coop doesn’t even work properly on a single platform as it is - playing the new dlc in a 3 person party (all PS4 pro) led to unbearable slowdown. All parties were also within a 20 mile radius on fast broadband.

So far only cross-launcher on PC, but true cross-platform is supposed to be coming out when the new version of the game for the new consoles launches. No date on that, and it’s not clear from the PAX Panel (the source of the latest info) if the feature will be patched in to the current version of the game or not. There should be a link to the PAX Panel info in the BL3 News section.

The main cross play I want is between PC and PlayStation. I’ve got a really good friend over there who I’d love to play with.

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