Are they Gonna add Animated Calling Card?

I am just asking is a good idea to add animated ones. And when you master One character You get a animated Master for that battleborn or better ideas for the future


I had to take a moment to wonder what Calling Cards were :smiley:

No but animated titles would be dope. Make them lvl 20 titles animated!


Sorry if i say XD calling card to the titles in battleborn i am used to say that

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Great idea! I love doing customizations on every game I own and having a cool customized title that animates is really clever. I would love to see an awesome animated Marquis sniping stance that the camera zooms in through his scope and to his eye where he looks like he’s angry. Man, that’ll be the best thing ever :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


We need this to happen😍

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Is that “Wendigo” calling card from Infinite Warfare?! If so, i will not rest until i have it; Battleborn will have to take a temporary back seat.

Salivates excessively.

Also, @chaospanda7815; i think it’s an awesome idea, and i ensorse the F*CK out of it!

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I think that’s Black Ops 3 actually.

Damn it… There goes my hopes and dreams: