Are they plan to Release another Round of heroes

After beatrix what will happen ? Are we going to see a little more character release or no ?

They want to. They even know Nova would be part

Yet is it a viable business plan that 2K would ever allow?




If they release one final character completely for free that would be cool, but… 31 is not an even number, and a fairly awkward one too…

I doubt it. 30 is quite a lot already and it’s hard to keep them all in balance. Also low population and they just dropped huge update. I doubt we get much more without a bigger population increase.

If there is a population increase, which is happening at least on Xbox one from what I noticed lately, not sure how much people will start joining. Honestly this updated has given much more life to the game, I rarely run into the same players in the same day as I was previously doing 2-3 weeks ago. I would love and greatly welcome another 5.

My hopeful list:

  • Nova (LLC) Tank
  • Sister Aria / Empress Lenore (Jenerit) Support
  • Varelsi defector (Rogue) Tank
  • UPR medic (UPR) Support
  • Eldrid creature (some of the concept art ones look awesome) Tank / support

I just wouldn’t want to see anymore Attackers, we have a bunch of them, we need more solid tanks and supports


Yeah I can agree with that. :innocent:


Mini Geoff and a fire breathing-chainsaw wielding-dinosaur need to be a thing. Also a necromancer…because every game deserves one.

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I hope 2k think about it

As much as I’d love GBX to continue adding new characters, I’m not getting my hopes up. If they did, it won’t be anytime soon because we’ve just had the Winter Update and we still have 2 more Story Ops to go yet.

However, that’s not going to prevent me from throwing my character wishlist out there too:

  • (Eldrid) - A member of the unknown Aztanti race OR a Scale Wolf, (from Thorn’s early concept art).

  • (Jennerit) - Empress Lenore OR Another Thrall character.

  • (U.P.R.) - Someone with another gun(s), maybe dual wield pistols? (I don’t know, okay? I’m really struggling for ideas on the UPR). :unamused:

  • (L.L.C.) - Nova in a robot suit OR a playable smaller sentry, like Wolf.

  • (Rogues) - A reformed Varelsi.

They already have my money. If they decide to add +5 i will buy them.

I know i can pay with credits and probably have enough to do so, but i love this game and i will buy them with real money.


More supports? We just got so many…

From how the load out is set up, they consider 7 of them to be supports : Miko, Alani, Kid Ultra, Kleese, Ambra, Beatrix, Reyna. Most of the other supports have more of a attacker / defender role. I think 2-3 more wouldn’t hurt.

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one of these I would love or something similar: