Are they Planning to put more Cosmetic in loot Packs

I really wosh they can put more skins and Taunts on the Core loot pack For more variety i almost have everything.

I dont think so. There is no reason to…
Also they are ugly.

If they add 1 re-color it means they need to do 30 not just 1.

I hope they never use any kind of (payed) gamble in this game, i would quit.

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I’d still like to see Red Cross colors for all Support characters.
That would be a cool team.


I know but is more content for the game. You will reach a time that you will get everything and only you will be selling and. Not buying loot pack or spending credit no matter if is ugly a recolor they can add it

I agree, but i play for the game, not the loot.

Is true, there is going to be a point of “well now what do i do with 200k credits?” But that happens with any game i think.

While I’d like to see more cosmetics in the game that don’t cost Platinum, I would hate it if they added them through loot packs. It took way to long to collect the ones that were in those already, and it was definitely not a “fun” collecting experience…