Are those lines going through Ambra's body her skin, or something else?

I’ve always wondered about this. Does it have something to do with her being sustained, or is this just what Jennerit look like half-naked?

I think as Sustained its possible to convert your body in any way you like aka cyborgize the whole body or parts.

Rath´s head for instance seems more like a cyborg implant, same as Ambras body seems to be a heavy cyborgized version of her old body. Maybe its even completely artificial, while Rath still has original bodyparts from flesh and blood.

Deande in opposite seems to have no visible implants (normal skin, no robotlike parts as Rendains arm/Ambras arms). So I think Deande is how an unaltered female Jennerit looks like.

The Thrall have implants for combat too, maybe the same technology as the Sustained use on themselves.
It could be Rath & Ambra were heavily “wounded” in sustained form, which made it possible to repair/exchange their bodies.

Or its a matter of choice - Do I want to look normal to blend in (Spy/Deande) or do I want badass combat implants?

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I’ve always thought she was wearing some kind of plate armour, but she’s also pretty skinny so it looks like lines on her skin (probably a side effect of sustainment and being a picky eater or something.)

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Which strikes at the paradox that is Ambra - determined that everyone else dress tidily and tuck their shirts in, but also the only Battleborn who will flash her underwear every time she uses a jump pad.

I just assume she does it in the secret hope of distracting Gali. :smirk:

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Pretty sure it is armor to protect against heat considering her powers of suns and meteor summoning

@Ganjamira I’m pretty sure sustained heal over time, as rath stabbed rendain in the gut but it healed

I’d always presumed it was a skin condition - a side effect of the Sustainment process, perhaps, or a skin-tight underlay of armor.

Rath doesn’t have it, however, which means it could be Silent Sister exclusive…?

Silent Sisters are tens of thousands years old. Doubt a skin condition can extend your life that long.

Rath might be newer among the Jennerit forces.

Rath is I think around two thousand years old.

What I was going by is that possibly Sustainment is capable of regenerating dead cells perfectly, but the regenerated cells have a visible synthetic look to them, buildup over time causing an artificial look to skin and flesh.