Are Torks weak against Cryo?

They sure do seem to freeze / shatter much more easily than other enemy types…

Nah. Cryo does 1x damage against flesh enemies, just like NE does. Freezing depends on your elemental effect chance, which is fairly high with multi pellet guns such as shotguns and splitter lasers.

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Thank you kindly.

I think im just noticing the incredibly deadly effects of Cryo more recently since ive been using it a LOT more lately.

Pre-Aurelia, Fire / Shock had been my elements of choice in TPS.

Fire? But why? I found fire useless in TPS because I was mostly in vacuum. And when I am not, enemies have shields soooo…

Cryo … when you get a freeze … makes it really easy to hit the crits … so in that way cryo can do more damage against flesh than fire as you can hit crits more easily.

Of course you could switch weapons … which is a good idea for enemies with more health than tiny torks.

I feel there’s something to this cryo/tork thing. Recall the mission, Zapped 2.0, Janey Springs sends you out with the cryo variant of the laser to kill torks. I don’t remember the conversation word-for-word, and it’s not clear that she ever states it directly. But it IS at least implied that torks are somehow easier to kill with cryo. Otherwise, she could have sent you after any old creature type. And since Kraggons are abundant in Serenity’s Waste, where you first meet her, and she has a stated hatred for Kraggons, it stands to reason she’d have sent you there if it was just a freeze/smash-whatever-creature kind of thing.

Also, a Chronicler of Elpis and Avalanche and cryo-element oz kit make this whole cryo thing SO much fun! “It’s fun, Jack. It’s fun for the whole family.”