Are vehicles down in health again?

I can’t hijack any in M10. They blow up before I am even able to move the vehicle, and if I try to kill the occupants using the shock weapon, the car dies first.

I think that all vehicles need a health buff, not just mission ones. Roaming around on m0 just to find car skins, and knowing that if you find one on m10 it is guaranteed to blow up first, really sucks.

If nothing else, I’d like the vehicle to be invincible until you gain full control of it (i.e. invincible during the hijacking animation). Hijacking, seeing it has new parts, then blowing up before you’re able to drive, is nonsense, frankly.

Also, I’d like it if parts and skins (not tied to crew challenges and missions) were unlocked for each character, not just for the character that managed to find a rare part before unlocking mayhem mode.


Vehicle health is just too low on higher mayhem levels… Also if you have the chain gang or boundary issues modifier on, it will usually destroy the vehicle almost instantly when hijacking.


Unfortunately, Vehicles simply do not scale well with Mayhem. Been this way since MH 2.0 came out.

Sad to say but if you want to do anything with vehicles, you pretty much have to do it at a low MH level.
Maybe one day GBX will address this, but other parts like grenades and shields need to be fixed first IMHO.

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