Are we being played? (Farming frenzy event )

I know all about RNG and all, but since the event started I’ve farmed Killavolt (transformer), Road Dog (Redline), and Katagawa ball (Tsunami) for God knows how many times (at least 50x each?) And not even a single drop of their dedicated loot drop. Never mind with an annointment we want.

There is zero difference than before the event. I farmed those same exact enemies hundreds of times before the event and iirc I only saw one Transformer drop . The drop rates are beyond atrocious and rather than keep players interested I lost interest and stopped playing only to hop back on to try get those items during the event . But now giving up again

I dont recall ever giving up on a farm in BL2. Ever.

Did GBX really increase drop rates ? They might have but probably something statistically insignificant, like .001% to .00101% chance


no experience with red line, but my transformer farming has been taking a while. got 5 of them in an hour but no anointed. the tsunami’s been dropping around 40% of the time for me, the brainstormer being harder to get. might just be bad luck on your end

Since this event started Killavolt has dropped “2” Transformers, only one anointed. Time spent could be around 4 hours just on him. Urist right around the corner for the rider shield, now he’s altogether broken. M4 btw.

I killed katagawa ball for a couple hours the other day and got almost every ASE brainstormer (what I was looking for was 100% on ASE but got all two mags versions except cryo, rakk 100, and phasecast so I’ll take it). And left a bunch of tsunamis and kotw’s on the ground. Not sure where that disconnect would be coming from?

Could it be boss dependent?

I don’t usually farm, so I don’t know what baseline is…

…but I killed Wick and Warty today for a couple of hours and got full inventory with their legendaries (40) many of which were annointed.

Funny enough, I’m killing Killavolt now without huge success. Maybe it’s better to farm bosses that are multiple e.g Power troopers, Wick and Warty, Slylestro and Atomic?

This may help explain, maybe not. Either way I am not happy with this event, sure the rare spawns show up but the stuff still doesn’t drop.


That was a very helpful link @StumpyJoeChilds

Separately, though in agreement with what that author has to say, I have noticed many more anointed grenades in machines, btw.

Heck yes, the vending machines are a great source for previously “unicorn-grade” grenades.


I speculate that theres a combination of factors at play here. It really feels like some things got increased drop rates, and some enemies did not get an increase, at all, and may have even got a decrease (Urist McEnforcer for example).

I think the problem is that for some variables, like the % chance that something will be annointed, appear to be an easy to change global variable for the devs, they adjust it, and voila, we see piles and piles of annointments -everywhere, even in vending machines. Or the %chance that ‘rare enemies spawn’

But for other values, like an individual targets drop rates, they each have their own table of values, and making sure that they correctly updated hundreds of values to properly ‘buff’ drop rates means that process is prone to human error, prone to slipping through a QA process.

So even after they got a report that some of the bosses were not dropping increased rates, how do we know that they actually fixed it so that all of the targets now have a buffed rate? We really dont, they’re “monitoring social” -> which means we’re their QA.

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What Mayhem are you on?

Mayhem makes ZERO difference on Dedicated Drops.

Dedicated Drops are calculated first, before anything else, and luck modifiers like artifacts or Guardian Rank perks as well as NVHM vs TVHM or Mayhem levels make no difference at all. None of that is factored in when Dedicated Drops are calculated.

All Luck, Difficulty Modes, and Mayhem levels change are the odds of getting random world-drop items. Nothing else. So if you don’t care what you’re getting then sure, it looks like there’s a lot more drops, but if you’re farming for a set dedicated drop item, then all of that makes no difference. None at all.

Is there any proven equation pulled from code on this?

From my experience, I definitely find it that dedicated drops less in M4. I never really thought so until this event.

Maybe I had horrible runs on M4 RNG all those runs, but lower Mayhem is a night and day difference right now.

I’ve been getting more drops… Which is to say I’ve actually been getting drops. Perhaps it’s a more apparent increase to me because I haven’t been playing on M73, where legendaries rain from the sky and skag piles are made of candy.

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No, but there has been thousands upon thousands of documented farming attempts, and from those you can see that statistically changes to Mayhem or TVHM vs NVHM, or Luck modifiers make no difference to drop rates.

In fact based on my own 500+ runs with careful documentation of every single drop, I got more Dedicated Drops with Anointments on M1 than I did I did at any other Mayhem level. And the drop rate was the same when I had Guardian Rank Luck bonus at 5% as it was with Luck at 14.2%.

Unless someone can show some definitive proof to the contrary then all statistical data I can find so far says that Dedicated Drops are separate from everything else, and nothing alters their drop rates except changes made by Gearbox.

Mayhem 1, TVHM, farming Rakkman for Night Hawkins. Two so far, plus a bonus Barrage.

Going well, I’d say.

I am in the same boat.

I was farming an Electric Banjo before the event without luck, and after a number of runs finally got one - so jury is out on that one. Probably ran it 25 or so times since the event started?
I also finally got a Band of Sitorak from the Unstoppable, that took a little longer but got that too (while three Big Boom Blasters dropped).
I then went to get a Re-Charger and by dumb luck, one dropped out of a cardboard box above ground in Lectra City. So while I was there figured I’d try for a Crossbow. Third attempt at Urist droped one for me.
All on TVHM, M4 - though this is the first I am hearing about dedicated drops being the same on M1 or whatever. Meh, I’m sure I don’t get a Re-Charger the way I did if I wasn’t on M4.

Now, that being said, I am also not farming (yet) for specific Anointments - just want to get some Legendaries I don’t have yet. I think when you factor that in, these drops aren’t going to come easily.

Out of curiosity, how reliable is that data in a spreadsheet that says “Boss X drop item Y”.

IIRC it did not come from GBX itself, so unless someone decoded the actual game data, it might not be as trustworthy as someone thinks. World drops likely pollute the heck out of it, no?


I wasn’t seeing an enormous difference until today.

11th run of Sylvestro got me a Meditative Spiritual Driver
3rd run of Katagawa Ball got me a Redundant Brainstormer with ASE +125% named enemy
17th run of Killavolt got me a Transformer with ASE +50% corrosive

I have been playing around just for grins and found that every time I killed Lavender Crawly he dropped the Predatory Lending and of the 10 or so times I killed him he most had anointments

then farmed Sky Bullies 20 or so times, got 3 or 4 hex’s not one was anointed, and about 1/2 the time they didn’t drop anything

killed Atomic about 20 times for the Faisor and about 3/4 of the time he dropped something legendary but have yet to have a Faisor drop, sometimes he would drop nothing but the chest would have a leg in it. No Faisor yet.

Captain Traunt has dropped the Devoted in about 3 runs and it was the roll, elements and Anointment I wanted to stopped killing him.

troy and tyreen seem to be dropping a lot of stuff 2,3,4 legs a run although most is garbage.