Are we even in in endgame?

i have read many many times about our endgame builds but it occurs to me that endgame surely is a good way off.
i can only assume there will be level cap raises (unless its done quite differently now) which will render current equipment invalid, raid bosses will be inbound, new activities and of course new items from future dlc (sandhawk and pimpernel were ultimately endgame items that didnt arrive for a good while in bl2).

surely we are still in the warm up phase?

I’ve been using the guardian rank perks to reevaluate my build. For instance as Fl4k and mostly Going down the hunter tree: after unlocking the skill cool down perk with full shields I was able to reinvest points that were in here to impress into other skills that helped increase my gun damage.

aye, guardian rank is something worthwhile building that will still have relevance late game for sure.