Are we EVER going to get a legitimate offline mode with parity?

Because this Live Update Patch nonsense is wearing thin.

There is zero excuse, a year in, to NOT have the same experience offline as online.

So much simply does not work properly offline, that it seems rather misleading, if not flat-out duplicitous, to even claim that BL3 can be played offline.

Because it effectually cannot be.

I do not know what the dreck is that is being pawned off as offline mode, but it sure isn’t the same experience as “live”. It is leagues different. And by leagues, I do mean fathoms. And by fathoms I do means much lower. And by much lower I do mean lesser. And by lesser I do mean complete sh1t.

Come on, Gearbox. The “live” version of the game is bad enough. At least put the offline mode on par with it. Or else come clean with your intentions. Because it certainly does not seem like you intend for this game to be played offline. Rather, it seems like you are deliberately employing a rather base tactic of psychological abuse to get your remaining player-base conditioned/groomed to accept your imposing online upon them.


Borderlands 3 feels more like a payed beta with all this hotfixes…


I have legit played Betas that ran better.

I am still here, because I love what the series once was, and would like to see it come back.

Sadly, BL seems to be getting its Shane, on.


I played offline with the late June Patch in effect up until the DLC4 patch and made the most of the OP vendor legendaries that came with it. I did this morning with a level 60 Moze at MM1 and had a good time of it. My (currently level 47) Amara & Zane tandem playthrough has been mostly offline and good fun from NVHM to TVHM MM 1 & 4.