Are we happy with Deande adjustments?

So I came back to Battleborn about a month ago and realized that the 24 out of 26 characters were done. AND deANDE WAS ONE OF THEM AND I WAS HAPPY WITH THE ADJUSTMENTS THANK YOU GEARBOX HAHAHAHAHAH Anyway I wanted to know if players were happy with her fixes because no one liked her (not a lot of people** too lazy to change that lol) because she was “poop” so you like her now or nah?

She was okay before and she’s great now. Her dps went way up and they removed the 1v1 no fun uppercut spam so I can’t complain.

I like most of the changes but i hate the buff to her ult. everyone said it was useless but it wasn’t. What other ult gives you the ability to group stun or deal 500 damage to a single target and stun them?. Now she can do 1k damage with her ult and stun a single target.

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Her changes were nice but there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Lol so she hasnt been noobed enough is what youre saying.

When alls said and done I doubt being labeled “Complex” will mean anything, I kinda suspect GB is dumbing down pretty much ALL characters in the game (Benedict falls under this as well) to draw in more players. Which is understandable, but still pretty “jokey” among the more competitive-abled players.

In hindsight it was kind of a stretch to attempt having skilled characters when a big chunk of fans, and graphical inspiration comes from Borderlands…I cant really think of ONE competitive, Cartoony game with any skill ceiling to speak of.

TF2 lol

True that did cross my mind but A. I couldnt speak from experience (I heard it was skilled) and B. I was thinkin of more widely available games (console).

Now that I think about it, Blizzard is currently doing the same dumbing thing to Overwatch so maybe it doesnt have to do with low population…bending to the majority I guess. People see “cute” graphics and have certain…all-encompassing accessibilty expectations.

I’ve never really played it, but it’s often compared to OW, and that’s skill based. Additionally, TF2 is on console. And personally, as long as I can’t play Toby well, I’ll believe this game still has skill ceilings. It is sad about what happened to Deande, because people never really learn how strong Burst Dash is.

Hmm never knew TF2 released on consoles…

But yea currently OW is rather skilled but every other patch seems to deviate from that, McCree was temporarily turned into a Monster after being nerfed initially…Genji was gimped damage wise (instead if properly addressing his mobility)…Last i checked Turret users are all but dead. Although I suspect some of these missteps may be due in part to the (imo) erroneous decision to include the ability to “stack” Heroes.

Ill agree with your point on Toby, Whiskey might still fit that bill as well. But I never said they didnt still exist…just that they seem to be moving away from that, hence Deande no longer being “Complex”. I mean they buffed Benedict when good players were already destroying w/him, and then buffed arguably the easiest toon in Oscar Mike.

I commend GB in that they usually fix overtuned characters in a timely manner (exception being Kleese whos Taser does obscene amounts of damage for a Support) just mildly annoying when they buff characters that were more than fine already

Yeah, as a Symmetra main, we’ll, I’ve used more Lucio than her. They do seem to be moving away from difficult to learn, insane when mastered characters. Also, when did they buff Oscar?! I completely missed that. I’ve been thinking he’s too strong for a while now, as Thorn’s base skill is much weaker than his single helix.

Thats not what I am saying. Now, I am going to overlook this idiotic comment.[quote=“phiyaboi, post:5, topic:1544472”]
When alls said and done I doubt being labeled “Complex”
She’s labeled as advanced. The problem with her is that she’s supposed to be a hard character to use but the reward is not very significant. There are many problems with her, first being her melee hit box. Her fans dont have a far reach and its very linear. Adding an FOV slider would fix this. Her melee attack speed is nice but her fan throwing was not part of that buff and it should have been. Her ultimate didn’t need a damage buff, what it needed was a fix so that she gets out of the ultimate before her enemy does and still does. Her movement speed is very slow and her helixes options for her movement are garbage. Decoy isn’t the smartest AI either.

Well it wasnt anything crazy…

Reduced the projectile speed of the child grenades from Oscar Mike’s level 2 Right Helix Augment, Nades on Nades resulting in a tighter explosion area
Reduced the detonation time of the child grenades from Oscar Mike’s level 2 Right Helix Augment, Nades on Nades while the level 1 Left Helix Augment, Impact Trigger augment is active.

I suppose its sort of arguable/a mixed bag; on one hand you could say its a nerf due to its AOE, yet its also more Single target DPS from being hit by multiple nades in a tighter area. (Unless im overestimating the concentration).

My mistake “Advanced”

As for her being not rewarding/Helix choices being “garbage”? Youve been down that road before with the Master Deande around here (:grimacing:) hammered out solid points in that argument…theres not much more to be said in that regard.

The damage on her throwing fans were not buffed

Ok scratch that.

Oh okay, I’m fine with them buffing a helix choice I’ve still never seen used in PVP (once in Saboteur (the mission where Napalm is OP).

Ah yeah I done goofed then, thats not much of a buff…I didnt even consider it was on the same line as Napalm.

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