Are we just game testers at this point?

So I actually posted a topic about this game needs a PTS (Public Test Server) to tests nerfs/Buffs. Now after another week of “balance” hotfixes I figured out the truth This game doesnt need a PTS…it is a PTS.

I guess you can look at it as half full. You got developers who are quick to make changes in a quick manner (well non performance wise)

Im looking at it half empty…this is stuff that should have been ironed out a long time ago. I think playing this game right now is being stuck in stop and go rush hour traffic.

How long is this buff/nerf period going to last? I understand fixing bugs with hotfixes. It just seems to me everytime a balance fix is implemented something else breaks or something else unintentional shows up.

I just hope they learn from this, and with the paid DLC if it’s not ready they will delay it, test it, and release it when its ready.

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Yeah, im not a fan of the “new” trend of releasing unpolished games, but this is what we got, at least the devs are indeed hotfixing every week, it can be way worse.

Personally, I hope they never stop with the buffs/nerfs. Destiny, Warframe, and pretty much any co-op game out there nowadays constantly makes changes to gear and I think it’s the right call.
When you’re dealing with as many weapons and variables that BL3 has there’s no way they’d get it all right to begin with until the masses got a hold of it. They’re trying to make things better and ya, some things will get broken in the process, but like with Leave No Trace, hopefully they’ll continue to realize it and revisit those in future hotfixes.

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I’m havent played Warframe or Destiny in awhile…you’re saying they make balances changes every 6 days?

theoretically everyone that plays a game and voices concerns about the bugs is a tester, so ymmv on that

I would say no. True balance is an almost constant struggle. The community will always have complaints, they team will always have goals, and new bugs and strategies will always cause breakages that need balancing.

The game is a complete full experience sold in full faith and if all they have to do is balance tweaks then I support it.

Contrast Borderlands 3 against something like Anthem which comes out with no content, or the first Destiny which had an offensively incomplete story. You can’t make the argument they didn’t sell you a complete game just because they constantly tweak it.


Destiny did when it first released. The patches became much more infrequent as time went on.

Warframe makes balance changes in almost every single update which is about once a month and that game is 6 years old now. I’m always happy for updates/changes.

Destiny does patch frequently, but things are still after all this years, kinda broken, so i dont know if its a good thing. And Warframe patches every few months with big changes. Didnt play warframe in at least 2 years tho, maybe things changed, and destiny was dead to me as soon as bl3 came out.

It’s not just the balance. It’s the constant rush to get out “Balance” hotfixes that either dont work or makes things worse. It’s the not testing if Action Skills tense if they would be Mayhem Mode Viable, it’s the laundry list of performance issues and game breaking bugs/glitches.

Putting all this together to me seems like they are more interested in throwing things the wall and hoping they stick than actually taking the time to see if it actually works…or just wasting everyone time for a week and reverting everything they previously did. *cough LNT, MOD

I’ve already uninstalled the game. Came here to see if the hotfix actually improved the performance of the game. That’s the only thing I care about at this point. It’s been a month and we can start to see that the games technical issues was far more serious than initially thought since we still havent recieved a proper patch to the game to fix the important issues.

I’m not here to make excuses for the devs or talk about other games. THIS GAME needs to do the right thing by its customers and make sure the DLC doesnt come out in the state the main game did. B3 simply wasnt ready for a full release and this is the result.

Not many games can handle this amount of weapons (items), look at path of exile, its absolutely broken, and when they try to fix it its 3 times more broken, too many items, too many variables, and the average player nowadays is a profesional theorycrafter