Are we seriously playing AAA where you can't remap certain Keybinds?

I play ESDF. Naturally I change my interact to R, and my reload to T. Why in 2020, have I paid $60 for a game that I can’t remap T to reload, and menu interact to R??? This doesn’t make any sense.

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I have the exact same opinion, I wanted to change the chat from Y to Enter, but it can’t be done😂 I have no idea why there is no such important thing in this game, ehw

It definitely is irritating that you can’t rebind “Travel wile in a vehicle” and “Chat”. Still better than Saints Row: Gat out of Hell though. If you wanted to rebind anything you had to get a Hex Editor and do it manually (despite the fact that it largely reused assets and code from Saints Row 4.)