Are we sleeping on the Crit?

450 damage Maliwan SMG with 150% crit modifier. Plus, it heals you when you damage an enemy while holding it. Sure, the chance to drop it on reload is annoying, but we never reload.

Hmmm… you know what, I need to try that.

I’m not definitely not sleeping on it <3 . Currently have about 10 different ones in my inventory atm.

does it come in all elements ?

It comes in only shock but I personally farmed until I had bonus anointment for all elements. Also got a +100% damage, +125% to bosses, +75% effect/damage and +25%crit.

It really makes me wish there was a BM legendary COM that boosted Scorching RPMs.

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This is a really good point. The mag size is nice too, and there are plenty of options for increasing that. Not to mention it’s easy to collect for your level at any time.

I wanna try it now. I’ll just tip Moxxi for a while, then pick the best one to use.

Yeah… I honestly never hought about using it with the BM tree myself. I remembered dropping it and being like “nope”.

I really want to do a Forge build vs Short Fuse, but Click. Click. is just so terrible that I feel like I’m wasting 3 points. Maybe I’ll put those points into better handling while moving instead.

What’s wrong with Click, Click? Looks like one of the skills which will raise DPS most from that tree.

In Bottomless Mags, with Redistribution, Forge and MoD, your ammo count rarely drops at all, especially with larger magazine size guns. If I use my Ogre or Shreddifier, for example, I can fire continuously and maybe lose 20 ammo out of a 90-150 magazine size and that regenerates extremely quickly. If I take my finger off the trigger at all, like to switch to a different target, my ammo is usually capped before I click again. It runs antithesis to the whole tree- which is to never run out of ammo.

Also, they mathed out that the damage caps at like 36% and only averages an 18% bonus over the course of an entire magazine. I can get 15% with 5 points in SoR, along with 20% damage reduction on top of it.