Are weapon buffs retroactive?

Does anyone remember from previous balancing if weapon buffs are retroactive to things you already have? The reason I ask is that I keep coming across mediocre guns with great anoints, e.g. a Malak’s Bane with the 300v90, and I don’t want to potentially vendor the next Lob if it gets buffed next go round.

Yes buffs (and nerfs) apply to all instances of that item including those in bank/inventory.

That said, the Lob is highly unlikely to be among the gear to be buffed as it is already one of the small handfull of weapons that sill does damage in Mayhem 10.

Edit: Also, I’d be very surprised if Malak’s Bane ever becomes decent as even its earlier buff only made it “just ok” for non-mayhem.

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Realy subjective atm…

If they are going with weaponscaling there’s no way to see what weapon dropped in M10 because of the broken M2.0 debacle.

That’s why I hoped they would actually make up their minds… But we got stuck with a broken game…

I’m pretty much done with this game seeing the patch will take an other week at least and that will probably not fix anything…