Are world drops ruining Boss Week?

It’s hard to farm for specific legendaries when your target can drop just about anything else. Not that I mind getting any legendary to drop… But I’m looking for class mods, Katagawa!

Anyone else feel this way?

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You can try Gigamind, i only farm Classmods there. Easier Kill than Katagawa and imho a higher Dropchance.And don’t forget to open the Maliwan-Box.


i’m currently farming gigamind for the grenade he’s supposed to drop this week. I got a longbow storm front instead : )

and a shredifier
and a nova berner
and a black hole
and a baby maker
and a legendary echo theme (eye pod)
and a big boom blaster shield
and a lyuda with a 2x prefix
and a Double-Penetrating Breeder
and a Stop-Gap shield
and a Adapting Sleeping Giant
and a Fire Stone White Elephant (came from red chest after killing giga)
and a Spark Plug Rocket Boots
and a Last-Ditch Bloodletter com
and a Generator Transfusion Longbow
and a Quickdraw Monocle
and a second stop-gap shield
and a second lyuda
and a Artic Relentless Night Hawkin (came from red chest after killing giga)
and a Smart-Gun XXL
and a Trooper Shield room decoration
and a Butcher
and a Booomin’ Growling Bear Trooper com
and a Superball
and a third stop-gap shield (with 20% shock resist)
and a Resonant Back Ham Shield
and a second Hawkins
and a Epicenter grenade
and a second storm front
and a Shredded Scourge
and a corrosive laser-sploder
and a fourth stop-gap shield
and a rerouter shield
and a phasezerker class mod
and a mainstream bitch
and a Lob
and a Hyperfocus ZX41
and a Frozen Bangarang XL
and a Rad Polybius
and a Loot Expanding Pull Out Method
and a Snowdrift Moxxis Endowment
and a Turbo Ten Gallon
and a Quasar grenade mod
and a Hellshock
and a Deathless Artifact
and a Musket
and several more legendary class mods, grenades, and shields i’m too lazy to continue typing up.

I finally got the Nagata after probably 70-90 kills. Feels good man


I get rather often Nagatas, i just farm him for Classmods, everything beside is nothing i really care about…except an Atom Bomb Deathshell, but i don´t believe it will drop :grinning:

Gigamind here I come!

I love world drops. I don’t think those get in the way honestly. Honestly I think gearbox’s settings are getting in the way. The boss event hotfix either isn’t boosting the drops enough, or the hotfix isn’t being applied? I’m not sure. It was noticeable earlier this week. But now both Katagawa and Pain & Terror are not dropping legendary class mods for me.

Yeah, i’m not exactly sure what the deal is. But i’m not complaining - I didn’t even know about half of those legendaries i’ve listed.

I’m going to continue listing what I get until the nagata drops just for fun. I’m on Mayhem 3 + using a purple artifact that gives +12.67 luck

Don’t forget to grab the red chest in the area after killing him - it’s given me 2 legendaries so far.

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They said in a tweet to wait a minute or 2 before restarting the game to make sure the hotfix is applied. Which to me is impossible, console load times are already pretty long so this just isn’t feasible

wait 2 minutes each time you quit back to the main menu?

Maybe the following gives the last Rest of Luck you need at Gigaming (provided you skilled Luck after killing a Mob in Guardian Ranks).
Right before Giga dies i kill a Mob to increase the Luck.
No clue if it really helps, at least sometimes he dropped 2 Classmods then.
But can be just Imagination.

Where are you supposed to wait 2 minutes? when the game is closed?

Or two minutes at the screen where it says “press the A button”?

Or two minutes at the main title screen where you can choose from “play, social, options, etc…”?

It’s certainly not impossible. It’s annoying though. And rather it’s more like “who waits around that long at the menu. It’s highly likely that most people aren’t waiting around. And it’s much more probable that 90% of players are accidentally skipping past the hotfix.”

I’d like to know what it looks like when a hotfix has been applied. I have no idea. Perhaps they need an onscreen hotfix indicator. Something like these messages would show:
“hotfix not checked yet”
“hotfix check in progress”
“hotfix available”
“hotfix downloading. XX% progress”
“hotfix applied, happy hunting”

Holy god, I FINALLY got the Nagata. I don’t even plan on using the grenade I just wanted to see how long it would take before I actually got it.

I ended up getting all sorts of legendaries. I got the deathless artifact, I got like 5 legendary class mods for each character, and a zillion other legendaries.

I think I killed Gigamind close to 80 times before he finally dropped his special drop for the boss event week. I think his loot table is so freaking large that his increased chance to drop the nagata doesn’t mean anything. Or RNGesus decided to bless me with every other legendary in the game except the one I was specifically hunting.

Hotfix is applied at the main menu. If it’s not applied you should get a popup saying their are new updates available when you try to quit the main menu.

I’ve seen people saying these drops probably arent affected by Mayhem modifiers so it’s better to farm them outside of Mayhem mode.

That’s worth a shot. However, I did a bunch of boss kills through the story of my Amara this week. From level 20 to level 33 so far. I don’t think I saw the boss event legendaries drop on those kills. That said, that’s a small sample size.