Are You Aware That Many People Can No Longer Run Digistruct Peak

Surely an oversight by the developers.

If you have the Handsome Collection, but NOT the new Lilith DLC, you can no longer run the peak or earn OP levels.

Now this issue does not affect me, as I got it free like many people. But the introduction of new level cap to reach OP Levels / Peak, breaks the UVHM Pack 2 - And it’s promise of new levels and ability to run the Peak.

Essentially the UVHM Pack 2 is now False Advertising. Because you cannot take advantage of these unless you have the new Lilith DLC.

Would appreciate acknowledgement of this issue. Perhaps a Gearbox Mod can address this. And give a time frame for a fix.

Many people who purchased the Handsome Collection after the free Lilith DLC month, or those who had purchased these (UHVM Pack 2) years ago, can no longer access content they have paid for.

I would suspect the rush to release the Lilith DLC to coincide with the BL3 tease has affected what should have been an easy thing to catch in testing.

But here we are months later, with customers unable to play purchased content, simply because they missed out on the free DLC.

Your UVHM Pack 2 steam page should be updated to inform buyers that Lilith DLC is ALSO (now) a requirement if you want to run the peak.

Poor form Gearbox.


All moderators can do is pass information on to the community manager (which I will do.) As we are volunteers and not Gearbox employees, however, none of us would be able to tell you anything about potential fixes or time-lines.


Is the FfS available for vanilla BL2 on PC or only for Handsome Collection? If the latter, it’s not false adverising.
It’s all ok on consoles, cause FfS is available only on PS4/XOne.

It’s been passed along, at least I’m sure it has at least once.

Not information we’re privy to unfortunately.

Don’t forget all the conventions which have been hitting fast and hard lately. We’ve had various PAX Events, E3, Gamescom, Insomnia, Gen Con and more. And devs have been at various events tied up with interviews and floor work.


It should be - I believe the it was the intent of the original release announcement that only the PC version of BL2 was compatible with the 5th DLC (besides the Handsome Collection version on consoles and newly released on PC)

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It’s for all of it.

If you have purchased every piece of DLC since release (but not the Lilith DLC) - It’s (Lilith DLC) now mandatory to get to op levels or the Peak.

A terrible oversight. That someone should have caught beforehand.


Sorry, I’m PC. Not sure about the console or whether they have this issue, I suspect they do.

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Is there anyway to contact gearbox for free download of Lilith dlc since the main reason I bought handsome collection was for OP levels Wich I apparently can’t even use. I’m beyond pi$$3d !! Over 100 hours gameplay farming for days just to find out I’ve been HAD

Edit: I’m on PS4 so yes it’s definitely a problem for EVERYONE.not just pc.


It’s two months later.

Any word on the fix for new customers who have been sold a product that does not fit it’s description ??

We have a word for that in the UK, and a law against it.

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It’s false advertising in terms of promising OP levels, not the ability to run the peak. You have access to digistruct peak with UVHM 2, but you don’t gain OP levels until you hit the level cap, which was raised to 80, but only if you have the Lilith DLC.

@Burly or @Noelle_GBX could we get some kind of acknowledgement of this issue from GBX? Are they planning on altering the listings for UVHM 2 and the Handsome Collection on the PSN/Xbox/Steam stores stating you need the Lilith DLC to access the OP levels? I don’t know how else to state it other than that it’s (UVHM 2 DLC and Handsome Collection) not providing everything advertised at the moment.


Im so sad… Been a hardcore fan of the franchise for a long time. Played nearly 1000 hours on Pc, probably close to 500 hours on 360. I got a PS4 about a month ago, and my first purchase was (ofc) The Handsome Collection. I dont have the Lilith DLC, as I missed the free download timeframe, but figured it was whatever… Until I tried my Peak run this morning :confused: Im really let down that a bug like this hasnt been addressed. If the DLC isnt installed, then it shouldnt effect the mandatory level cap for Peak. I hope the GBX team will fix this for their loyal paying fans soon


That this has not been fixed so many months later is frankly disgusting.

Buyer beware now I guess; given how long some of the BL3 bugs have been present, I’ll not hold much hope of this issue being resolved.

False advertising.

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not the only thing Gearbox “conveniently” didn’t think of… they broke OP levels for non lilith dlc owners(COMPLETELY UNRELATED to OP8) and they broke streaming bl2 too for lower bitrate streamers forcing it to spike and think OH bl2 is a 4k game now lets spike it to 5000kbps or 7000kbps, doubt theyd fix this or my issue now cuz they could prob care less, they got their money and continue to keep getting money and theyre happy when they have $$ instead of helping out their playerbase fix issues

im on the ps3. i am op2 but have no one to run the peak with me. add me on ps3 DarkClaw84

This is pretty disgusting they’ve let this go for so long…Likely they will only change it if they faced legal action from someone over false advertising, or maybe if Steam got enough complaints and asked them to clarify their listings…Both seem unlikely and so this scummy move will continue…


dream on, gearbox doesn’t give a flying ■■■■.

the BL1 remaster and this DLC was just a marketing exercise before BL3. If they haven’t been patched since the release it’s not gonna happen now.


well, we got a bl3 ad and sluggish matchmaking at least

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