Are You Bada$$ Enough For Battleborn? - QUIZ

I am the creator of the famous Battleborn Faction Quiz, and I’m coming at ya with a new one!

This will help you determine if you are bada$$ enough to play Battleborn.

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Hey @Cobble.

Just for future reference, Badass is not blocked, nor do we consider it a naughty word. Feel free to use the word badass, badass.

That is of course assuming (har har) that you weren’t just spiffing up the title to this thread.

It is pretty bling-tastic.

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Yeh, I’m badass. What’s new?

I am not badass!?


Deploying nuclear solution

I’m so badass, the quiz won’t even show up because it’s afraid I’ll break the server. :dukecigar:

Interesting. Opera wouldn’t load the quiz, but Edge did. :blconfused: But I’m still a badass.


Im not badass either, Joe. No worries. We will start our own cool kids table where only non-badasses can sit.
Its super exclusive. And all the kiddos will wish they could be as non-badass as us.

And we have cake. And pie. And cookies. And pizza.

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I heard its only badass to not be a badass


yep. definitely the non badass table. at the badass table we just have nails and broken glass.

Far more enjoyed the “How happy is your Potato” quiz that was linked on the page :slight_smile:

I´m badass truly! For forgetting to take of my sunglases indoor and being to poor to own intact jeans… ToT

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i answered no to both of those and still got badass.

Nyah, I think both questions are quiet irrelevant for ratifying badassitude anyway^^

I didn’t take it, I know I’m a Badass because I don’t wear pants

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Joe did :smiley:

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“With the blast shield down I can’t even see how I’m supposed to fight” What kind of question is that for a jedi knight?

  • JCCC

Because Vader lost to that guy

Vader was a wuss.