Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, as who/what? If not, you suck

I’m a long haired blonde so naturally I’m going as the Prince of all Saiyans, and if you don’t understand that reference I hate you. I’m getting my partner’s mother to sew me an outfit and a mate to make me some armour, but I’m going to need a LOT of hairspray. I’m Australian and we don’t celebrate Halloween, but this year I decided to hang out with some mates and get pissed/stoned and since most of my mates are into cosplay and LARP I was like why the ■■■■ not? So yeah that’s my story, what’s yours?

No, I won’t dress since we don’t celebrate Halloween down here


I can barely afford food so I can’t afford to dress up for Halloween. :frowning:

I have no plans I’ll let the whiskey pick a costume for me

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I’m boring. That, and we don’t really celebrate Halloween as much over here.

The only Halloween I get is at work. First the trick or treat event were kids make a little treat bag, and have to find marked stores to get their loot. Then Halloween night I usually have to do the closing shift. I just put on a pair of Shrek ears lol.

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This thread is off to a great start. I’m dressing up as a person without a costume to dress up in.

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I do have a plethora of costumes to dress up in. Haven’t decided yet though.

Probably Slenderman again, because it’s something I can easily pull off.


I usually dont. Because im poor and too busy.
But this year I am trying to throw together a Negan costume which isn’t too hard. I already have half the outfit.

Leather coat - check
Grey jeans - check
Baseball bat - check
Black boots - check

All I need is a red scarf, leather gloves, barbed wire and red paint.
Wrapping my bat in barbed wire will be the hardest part about it…
But I should be able to manage my first costume in literally over 10 years.


I’m going to need to check with my roomie to see if we’re having a party or anything. If so, I will be going as “Ricky Spanish”, Roger’s worst persona from american dad.

I already found his trademark sleazy shirt.

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Got a wedding to attend on the 29th (and every Halloween party I have been invited to is on the same day… sucks), so I’ll be dressed as a penguin with a bow tie :frowning:

Otherwise, I might have brought Fin back out one more year:

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I’m going as Sunset Shimmer from The Friendship Games.

And I don’t trick or treat anymore. I just pass out candy to the kids in my neighborhood.


Friendship Games? I’ve never heard of this.

I never have, and I’m too old now anyway lol. Few people do it here but we get the occasional doorknocker, I’m a real ■■■■■ and when they say trick or treat I say “Trick! Now you see me, now you don’t” and close the door. People tend to get sensitive over that, like I’m obligated to buy chocolates and candy for other people’s children and hand it out when they come to my house. For the other 364 days of the year, I’d get bashed or thrown in jail for doing such things. I actually hate Halloween, it’s lost its meaning like all commercial holidays.

I was gonna ask, but…

LOL that would be awesome! If I walked around with that around here I’d get arrested for sure, a baseball bat alone is considered a dangerous weapon.

If I let alcohol pick my costume it’ll be my birthday suit eventually, I’ll be drinking tequila too so that’ll probably happen anyway… :confused:

I’m not dressing up. I’m playing these on Halloween.


Damn it, I don’t have BL1 anymore. Might play the Bloody Harvest though, I usually end up playing when I’m drunk haha.


Go for it, tis’ the season after all.

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I am afraid I try to ignore this holiday where possible.

I much prefer fireworks night and Christmas, love Christmas.

You dont do them on the same night?

Mom and dad always told me that if you hit santa claus with a roman candle, he gives extra presents.

Then again, they also told me he like Milwaukee’s Best and Spam Sandwiches more than Milk and Cookies.

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