Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, as who/what? If not, you suck

Should I translate that as he drops them while running for this life.

To be fair, those cookies and milk has gotta get old eventually, I bet those spam sandwiches made a nice change :slight_smile:

Not to mention addressing the obvious nutritional imbalance he must have to deal with at that ime of year.

In retrospect, yes.

I also tip my hat to you for finding a way not not make note of how horrible Milwaukee’s Beast truly is, or my fathers poor taste :stuck_out_tongue:

It must be my general positive and optimistic outlook.


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i will be home no dressing just horror movies and snacks

It’s a movie in the Equestria Girls series.

Here is the wiki page for it

Ugh, I HATE christmas. Fireworks night? Is this another name for the 4th of July in the US?

No it’s Guy Fawkes night by another name.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November :slight_smile:

It’s in remembrance of a guy who tried to blow up Parlament.

For me, Guy Fawkes night is every time I have people over lol, someone usually breaks out the mask.

Not cool man

OT I’ll be mired in work the entire weekend leading up to the holiday so I’ll just do like @AMG_75 and cause some Pandoran mayhem

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-.- I hate Halloween…Every year I craft costumes for people and have no time for my own.
So yeah, dunno…I´d love to dress up as Wraithqueen, but I´m to afraid to put contact-lenses on, I never did that before.

Probably I´ll go as a alternate version of me from a paralel universe where things are slightly different and I can annoy people all day with stuff I make up on point while looking the same as everyday.
Maybe with a evil-parallel-universe-beard.


This is a bloody fantastic idea! I just used to wear a different hat and say I was me with a different hat, how bland lol, your idea is actually creative! I’d love to do that, but I don’t wanna steal your idea lol, I’ll stick with Vegeta :stuck_out_tongue:

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:smile: Thanks! I actually just thought of my idea as even more lazy rip-off of a costume idea I did years back:

I wear black all day, same back in school. Every pupil and their dog knew me, since they were very few goths or alternatives arround.
So before Halloween I bought some “normal” clotes from Ebay (bluejeans, pink top, casual jacket, normal shoes instead of combat boots) and made a ponytail (I always wear my hair open^^).

First success: My classmates did not recognize me in the schoolbus.

Second success: Going from bus to school in the herds. No one recognized me. Some guys from my class start to talk behind me if I´d be “a new student” lol

Third success: 5 teachers in different courses ask me if I´m a new student. (“Who are you and whats your name?!”)

Best success: Schoolmate nearly crapped his pants and falls over when I suddenly spoke to him and he realised it was me. I never saw anybody this scared!!! :joy:

Will you post pictures? Pretty please!!!

That is bloody fantastic! So you were a Goth in your younger years eh? It seems nowadays everybody dresses as a Goth on Halloween, you countered that trend before it even started LOL you may as well have pioneered modern Halloween costumes haha :stuck_out_tongue:

If it works out I will, I’m not sure if my mate can make me the armour but I should be able to get the basic outfit made at least, I’ve let myself go in the last few years though I’ll really fill it out haha :joy:

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Sounds like my sister. Even though I’ve gotten better at it, my sister has made like 80% of my costumes/cosplay stuff. She barely sleeps as it is.

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Yeah, and still I guess^^ I never changed my style, just tweaked it a bit, like less spikes and much less make-up. Whitnessed the emo-wave and stopped wearing make-up after I beat up a guy for calling ME to be emo. Did´nt wanted to be thrown at that pile ever again. (I love Southpark for their emo-episode btw :heart: )

Its weird “Goth” counts as costume imo :smile: I think its just people who are unable to decide if they are a classic victorian vampire, the cybergoth “Masquerade”-vampire or the witchy succubus vampire, so they leave away the teeth to make things simple lol

Awesome! :heart: I hope the best for armor, but the hair alone is worth a photo^^

Has she a page/account somewhere with photos of her work? I love crafty things!
I´d love to do a big project for one person again, but I´m stomped by 100 little ones…horn here, wings there, crowns, ears, weapons and such props. I´m happy the spook is over soon :relieved:

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My hair is midway down my back lol, it’s gonna be a challenge to pull it off, I don’t wanna cut it I’ve been growing it out for years.

I’m a South Park fanatic, I have it playing in the background right now!

I’m also a Pokemon nerd…


I did that as well, about 10 years ago. As opposed to my usual goth attire, I wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I was “normal” for one day and I felt so uncomfortable lol.


Yeah, we are doing a zombie pub crawl tomorrow so we’ll be getting covered for that.


You had me at snacks… Lol