Are you even going to fight to stay relevant?

I understand that this game is fresh on the market. That releasing new content this early in the process may degrade the the life cycle of battle born. But I seriously think the that Overwatch is about to destroy this game. To clarify before I start receiving the hate; I really enjoy battle born and I think it’s a cut above over watch. But I think if they don’t try and release atleast a new character model and a few maps during right before the release of overwatch they are going to loss a huge majority of their players. Which in turn will make this one of those ghost sleeper hits that never gets another in the series. I really hope I’m way of base here. I just don’t want this game to go under because they didn’t atleast try to fight.

Anyone else worried?


No, not because I fail to see your logic. But the Gearbox community is a very loyal one. Most of us will still prefer Battleborn even with its issues do tot he fact that 1. there is more content as is in it. But to Overwatch lacks many things that battleborn has in other place. This game will continue to evolve and change but Blizzard has already said we got everything in the beta of overwatch. I played it then I don’t need to pay to play it again. Honestly I feel we will see dlc information if not a release next month.

Gearbox is currently doing many things, Fixing bugs and glitches, Fixing Matchmaking, making the dlc, Developing Borderlands 3, and more I am not one to complain and Gearbox is one of few companies that truly listen to the community. I feel that Battleborn may seem like its gonna die down. But in the long run I think that Battleborn will be the one on top and one people flock to.


Well. I honestly dont know. I see far more news on overwatch moreso then battleborn. Read some articles about OW and BB and am very worried about cheaters and the patches. Will we see enough patches in BB to deal with cheats and exploits and whatnot? Will gearbox ban cheaters because OW plans to permaban them. I hate cheaters.

Considering marquis cheese hasnt been fixed, if this is an example of things to come, I dont have very high hopes. If it takes multiple weeks to patch exploits then Battleborn will go the way of The Division. E.g. it will be full of hackers and Ill have wasted my money on it as well.

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All I’m worried about is wasting my $75 dollars if this game dies. Tell me, how would you fight for this. What could we possibly do to save it? Like NOVA said, “Time moves slow in meatspace.” What could’ve been done should’ve been done yesterday ago. As is, as long as there are players, I’m happy. Besides, they can go ahead and release that Borderlands 3 bs that all those fanboys have been longing over.

I mean, screw original thought, we just want the same old thing! But, make it original, okay? Oh, and by the way, your only redeeming factor is Borderlands, no matter what you do, you’re always evil, Gearbox, because, you know, Aliens: Colonial Marines, hmm? Love ya!

(I feel like some sort of villain writing this.)


Nope. BB is doing fine, it’s been out two weeks, you can’t expect new content that quickly, it’s just not reasonable on a multi-platform game. They’re addressing problems very quickly, comparatively speaking. The most important thing is not to panic. Sure, there might be a group of players who leave, but remember that not a “huge majority” get more than one new videogame a month, this is an expensive hobby.
I’d also like to point out that one thing I’ve heard from a lot of my rl friends about why some people haven’t gotten BB yet is that they’re going out for the summer sale that usually comes. Be patient, don’t panic, recognize that, yes, Overwatch is going to be popular, because Blizzard can crap and it’d be popular, but also remember that more than one game released in a month can be successful.


Since there are enough gamers to play multiple games I’m not worried.


Surely patches and fixes are what is needed before new content? That what annoying people not a lack of things to do.
The pre squeal released “DLC” before fixing its big issues and thst just gave the game more hate.


Wouldn’t it be great if the less scrupulous and assinine BB players DO leave to go olay OW?


Let’s focus on patches first before new content, shall we? Gal in its current state appearantly still facerolls (have yet to play as her, and I useally stick to PvE).

How much I would love to have new characters and missions, I think patches are more important. Besides, the game is doing rather fine across the 3 platforms.

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Not worried at all.

Battleborn PVE maps are great! I’ve only had time to really get
into Gal/Phoebe/Thorn (plus a little marquis). My only concern is
that PvP concerns will nerf the fun out of PvE play.

I have no interest at all in Battleborn for PvP. I prefer overwatch
for that. Kind of great that battleborn took the time to provide a nice
PvE set of maps. Hopefully they keep the PvE fun here.

2 games release arround the same date = people start to worry? I can play 3 games paralel, if I´ve the bucks to buy them.

People seem to be nervous and frightened quiet easily nowerdays.


It’s gonna be interesting to see how big of a dent Overwatch will actually do to Battleborns player base (pc) when it’s released. I really like Battleborn and enjoy it but I do hope that it will still have a solid core of players.
Would the game fall down to 1k-2k players playing the game on peak times, well, that would just be distrastrous.

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She is NOT OP jesus i am so sick of hearing about this if you wanna talk about OP have you heard of RATH!!!

With that said Derch is right there is plenty of people to play both games im not worried Overwatch just payed for more advertising than BB did. With that said I don’t remember any TV advertising for any Borderlands game and yet those games blew up BB for most people seem to have started off with a rocky start but I know I will keep playing it until the servers shut down. or at least until I 100% the game.

Have a little more faith in gearbox and battleborn guys they know what they are doing.


Game communities always last way longer than you would expect from sales charts and such. If I was a PC gamer I might be slightly worried, but I’m sure even there it will live for at least a year. On console I really see no reason to worry since it sold quite well (especially on ps4).

Also, there are tonnes of these threads. We really didn’t need another one, just add to those already existing.

Rath isn’t OP either. Everyone that’s whining about him just get straight out countered by him on their favourite char, while other characters (snipers, agile characters) counter him (hard). I play Caldarius and I laugh at Galilea and Rath both.

You know how you get sick of people calling Galilea OP? You’re on the other side of the coin complaining about Rath.


It’s always fun to charge a Galilea hitting you and stun her.

Seriously, do people have to post a new “OW is gunna kill BB” everyday? I’m so excited for OW to come out because these people can finally leave and talk on the OW forums.


Looks like Battleborn will be out of the Steam top 100 games in about a week. It’s close to the bottom now. Battleborn will become Battlegone even before Overwatch arrives.

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No Rath is op do to the fact of his ridiculous combo but thats besides the point I personally feel all the characters are fine and don’t really need to change there is counters for every character its just if you know how to do them.

Minor balancing issues need to be address sure, but the game will continue to go on, grow, and evolve which is what im looking forward to. When somethings is fixed we will just complain about something else. Come on gamers you need to give in a little devs do all they can.

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I’m not panicing. I am not interested in Overwatch either. Looks like it will be full steam ahead on Borderlands 3 anyday now.