Are you going to watch the gameplay intros next week?

I’m not.
Number of reasons.
First and foremost, exploring the game play and environments on my own is a key aspect to my enjoyment and really getting into any game. I typically never look at videos of a game until I’ve completed one playthrough, unless I get hopelessly stuck.
Second, I already pre-ordered the game on two platforms. I don’t need to be convinced the game is OK to buy, I’ve already bought it.
Third, I don’t need to see, or hear, gameplay and commentary from experts. I’ve watched vids from Bahroo, Goth, Killer6, MajorSlack, often as I’ve entered this universe (after I’ve played through). in fact it’s somewhat silly, I play until about 9:30 at night, have dinner, then relax with a glass of wine and a pipe and watch other people play. But for the first experience in the game I don’t want to be influenced by their perceptions, I want to develop my own. And I don’t want to be influenced by their style of gameplay, I want to develop my own.
Third, the new characters. I want to explore them on my own, I want to get a feel for the nuances of skill trees, action skills, and weapon proficiencies myself. The exploration is part of the fun.
And finally, it’s still months away. I am going to get hundreds more hours of enjoyment out of BL1 and BL2 before this game releases, so I want to play with what I have now, not be pining for what’s coming next, now that I know it’s real.
So no gameplay vids for me. What about you?


I was confused by the title of this. I thought you meant the video that comes up when the game starts.

I think you mean those youtube of the “first 30 minutes of game X” or “30 minutes of gameplay 2 hours in”.

I don’t bother with those videos for a series I know or trust. Borderlands is just an insta-buy for me.

I also like to get my own perception of games and movies. I don’t bother reading reviews before I have seen a movie or tried the game. I might for a series or game I am unsure about continuing because I’m looking to know if a certain feature is present.

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Changed the title.


Same. I’m just gonna wait to hear what the Skill Trees are like and how they’re incorporating multiple action skills around them. I might watch a little out of context to get a few more details if I’m feelin’ it, but I’d really like to just avoid as many possible spoilers or details as I can and experience the game for myself first.

That and I’m not a fan of allowing Streamers and the like play a game before other people. It just reinforces a sort of caste system.


I can see that perception. I think a lot of the potential “harm” of that will be increased or mitigated by how many people Gearbox invites into the beta.
On the plus side of the streamers getting first access (besides the marketing side) their input can certainly help with game balance issues. At this point in development there is still going to be a good bit of tweaking of various things in the game, from gun damage to boss fight mechanics, and having “experts” provide input on that is a plus.
A broad beta can also achieve the same thing, so we’ll see which approach GB takes.


A caste system? I never saw it as that, just a bunch of people who made it their business to be in a position where a developer/publisher might consider them as low risk/high reward wise for getting the word out. As for watching the gameplay reveal, yes, very much so. I hope to get more info on Zane and FL4K’s Action Skills. Zane is wonderfully mysterious and FL4K has a great deal of potential in terms of playstyle diversity. One more thing about Zane, I know he has a drone he can summon and that it can shoot enemy mobs and he has some kind of wierd hologram ability that acts as more than a decoy.
– Extant Reality

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Beta? Not sure that’s gonna be a real thing. Watching a game play reveal is ok for me, but that’s where i draw the line. Prior to Battleborn release they had people streaming it and stuff being uploaded to youtube, and they’ve stated about this already. So will defo be shutting it out until the skill tress are ‘pictured’. Will be more interested in that.

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Yes because I’m super badass curious. I want to know everything. Everything! Now! Not later, now!!


i am also not a fan of it.

ALso anyone notices that after you preorder, the BL3 advertisement is gone in the home screen. Cheeky.

I’ll be watching because I already know I won’t be able to help myself. :crazy_face:

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Depends. I’m not interested in ‘First 30 minutes’ type stuff, as I want to see the story for myself, but I am definitely interested in details on the Skill Trees. Hopefully the content creators I normally watch will omit story stuff and just show Skill Tree stuff.


houly, only in my country the prices are sh** :-;

Yeah, I’m not watching for pretty much all the same reasons everyone has already listed here. But we live in an instant gratification era, so there probably won’t be any way to stay in the discussion of the game while avoiding spoilers.

If only I could tell it I preordered a physical copy.

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I’ll watch the gameplay and presentation when it hits YouTube, not live. I do want to know more about the gameplay.

I’m a huge BL fan, 4k+ hours in BL2 alone but I don’t buy a pig in a poke. Not even a Borderlands pig :smiley: There are still many things that we don’t know about this iteration of the game. For instance, will we be given story over action, as is the case in so many games lately. The trailer showed a cutscene with Tannis and all the VHs in it, losing the first person perspective. If BL3 has become one of these “action/adventures”, I wouldn’t buy it.

Consequently, I don’t pre-order and I’ll be trying to glean evey bit of information I can from GBX or whoever has access to the game. Yes, it will reveal a bit of the story but I’ll live with that. Better than wasting my money.

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Which games are story over action that you might have been interested in? Final fantasy series I would argue is notorious for that.

Heyooo! Just signed up for the VIP/Forums. Totally gonna watch the live feed. I don’t normally watch Twitch, but I’m a sucker for free stuff.

Matrixneo42 I play FPSs almost exclusively. One of my pet hates are games that think telling their story is more important than gameplay. Typically, they have endless cinematics interspersed with restrictive, linear combat scenarios, scripted “action” and QTEs.

The “campaigns” tacked on to most of the PvP shooters tend to be like this. The Metro and (modern) Wolfenstein franchises are both prime examples from PvE games. On the up side there are games like Dishonored, Shadow Warrior 2 and Prey that have brief cut scenes to progress their narrative but put the emphasis on gameplay. Come to think of it, except for the opening titles, I don’t think Prey had any cutscenes at all. The story was told through the game and quite rightly. If you’re into “pure” FPSs and aren’t hung up on graphics, go play DUSK. To my taste, an almost pefect FPS.

Looking at cutscenes and scripting in Borderlands, BL1 only had the scene as you enter the Vault. BL2 had the Control Core Angel scene and final scene at the Vault. I liked TPS gameplay but the scripted sections, where you could do nothing but listen to exposition, tested my patience. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I’ve never played TFtB :slight_smile:

It seems to me that BL3 has a lot of story to tell. When I saw scenes in the trailers that looked like they were from the actual game but not in first person, I was concerned. Hence, I’m interested in knowing as much as posssible about the approach GBX has taken for BL3.


I’d love to see the stream, but I’ll be at work at the time of the presentation. I’ll miss out. Don’t mind missing out on the loot drop either.

Of course I do watch them on my free day I have time and it is not like they can spoil something that matters actually XD

Also looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttt ^^

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Gotcha. Call of duty and battlefield games tend to do it too.

I share some of your annoyances. Qte bug the crap out of me.

And it would be nice on replays to be able to skip dialog or scripted events. I tend to play every VH to max level so i end up hearing the same stuff a lot.