Are YOU guilty of this?

People who always chase after their counter-parts. Like they have a vendetta against people who play the same character and must focus them at all times! A lot of people do it! Why? Whats wrong with you? HAVE YOU NO SHAME?


I’ve never done that. It never mattered to me.

Guilty as charged.

Two Montanas enter, one Montana leaves!


I love killing people who look like me, I must be the only one who has my face. I won’t go chasing after them if it means I would die, or lose focus of the objective. But if I ever have free time to kill them, I’ll try and get it done. And I swear there is a law about only having one Orendi alive at a time, otherwise there may be a problem where both Orendis destroy the entire map and everyone ends up dead while both Orendis laugh.

The only exception is if I’m Oscar Mike, then I try and be bros with the other Mike. Cause bros are important to Mike. I’ll follow the other Mike around, shooting at the things he shoots. Throw my nades on top of his nades (That sounds wrong). Cloaking whenever he cloaks. And man using airstrikes at the same time is the best way to become bros. Never kill a bro, it’s wrong. Unless he ignores you, then kill him until he loves you, sometimes it takes tough love, ya know?


I’m showing that I’m the better character by killing them and taunting when it is a mirror match.


I usually play either a support or a defender, so my priorities are: the most dangerous, the closest, or the one with the lowest health. I will almost always target Boldur because he usually fills two of those three categories.

Because I want my game to have as much Mellka-time as possible.



No, but i’ve fallen VICTIM to it…

Nothing would make my Battleborn experience better than seeing nothing but Tobies… Far as the eye can see…

Solus would be a better place. A place where no one is called the “C” word or the “A” word, and everyone apologizes… For EVERTHING.



You’re keyboard is a little loud. @HandsomeCam

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…I can’t tell if that is an obsure reference to TFR, but i’ll take a shot:

Keyboards don’t MAKE a sound, @BaconianOne.

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Cute? Adorable? Those words?

I also like to chase doppelgangers ONLY if it’s Orendi, since I love Orendi’s quotes when she sees and/or kills another Orendi. I won’t go out of my way to do so, though. Just if she is like right there shooting shadow fire pillars at my stuff.

I used to back when I played Orendi and Benedict. During that time I couldn’t stand having an enemy Benedict/Orendi do more kills and die less than me. I never allowed that… even when I was in horrible teams, I made sure that enemy Benedict/Orendi had at least more deaths.

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You just want Mellka on Mellka action and we all know it. :wink:


I recall this happening to you in a game (no names)

But overall I feel like I target orendi more when i’m not playing orendi than when i am, no clue why.

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What other way to ensure the enemy’s knowledge of my absolute dominance with that character? It’s especially fun because you know how and what the enemy will do. I rarely ever get hit by Shadowfire pillars, and I know to retreat partially to avoid a dot knockback from the knockoff Ambra

Of course! That way I can act out both my homicidal and suicidal tendancies without creating a horrible burden on my family!

…Too dark? I think I went too dark. It’s bed time… I don’t even play PvP…


In all seriousness though, I’m usually the best counter we have to an enemy Mellka. I can predict those Spike movements like they’re my own. I routinely shoot her out of the air with Blade Launcher, while everyone else is griping about not being able to hit her :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, the character quotes after killing your counterpart are great. I think Ghalt says something about going home to cry or see his Grandma or something?

It’s fun to try and kill you counterpart as Benedict, Marquis, and Pendles.

Pendles is a great sneaky hitman, so much that someone put a bounty on him… and another Pendles is the assassin! Really, though, 1v1’ing another Pendles shows who can ninja better.

Benedict constantly tries to rise above everyone (literally too), and desperate to prove himself, so the best way to show how you’re better than everyone else is to kill the best exploder out there: Benedict! Benny thinks he’s the greatest, and killing the greatest makes him greatest-er, so… yeah… right guys?

Marquis vs Marquis is like dueling. And it’s pretty fun.


I sure love it when people do it to me, I don’t often do it to my counter-parts though.
It’s fun to lure them to their death by your entire team :smirk: