Are you guys happy now Galilea sucks

I’m by no means good at playing Galilea, but my friend who has played her since the beta can’t stand to play as her anymore. While I do believe her Desecrate change was fair she just doesn’t have the damage to kill at a good pace anymore and she dies very quickly to most characters I’ve played. So congratulations guys you’re constant calls for nerfs have successfully killed the first Battleborn on the ban hammer list. If you guys have any different opinions feel free to share them but I am very upset to see this happen. Even though I could tell this was going to happen since the beta.

Idk about your friend either but she’s still really strong… Her projectiles from the helix do the most damage anyways

Honestly think she’s at the perfect state


I’m seeing so many Galilea’s who are still rocking. The good thing is, she is now a Tank(like she should be) & not a Tank with insane DPS & self heal. She still deals more DMG than other Tanks. And u need to use her Shield more often, like Boldur does. With a Support in her back, she still can go in & split the enemy Team. She’s balanced now.

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She is still strong. No joke she really is and I’ve seen it.

Friends played a private match. Rath vs Galilea. During the game at one point there was 3 Raths vs 2 Galilea went head on. 2 Raths died before 1 Galilea went down. The last Rath died with the 2nd Galilea about half HP. Galilea keeps cancelling Rath’s ult and Rath can’t even do the same on Galilea.

I know it’s really not suppose to work that way but test of power, Galilea is still strong with her utilities.

Good Gal’s are still blowing people up, bad Gal’s are no longer carried by overtuned skill crutches and are being exposed on the scoreboard.

All is as it should be.


Gali does not even come close to being bad. She’s a lot more more fair now. She still has all of her debuffs, as much as she honestly shouldn’t, and she still has Its Dangerous to go Alone, which is what makes her do so much damage in the first place.

That’s exxxxxxactly what’s happening


Thanks for your feedback guys. Again I was saying this from a perspective of someone who doesn’t use Galilea and I personally find her very easy to kill now.

I always found her easy to kill (probably because i main Benedict, whom she can’t touch), but yes, i AM happy that Galilea has been nerfed to something that not everyone can pick up and slaughter with. She’s great where she is now, and i still see people who use her doing well with her; but now people are learning to use other characters, instead of just leaving because they didn’t get Galilea first, which is even better IMO. Also (and this is not an attack on you), i am sick of Galilea users crying about the nerf, and calling everyone who had a problem with her a “whiner”. It is literally the definition of being a hypocrite.

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I’m not upset about Galilea being nerfed. I agree with the change to desecrate and do like her being less of a damage monster and more of a supporting tank role. What I’m upset about is the constant begging of Galilea to be nerfed that I’ve seen on the forums while things I do feel need to be nerfed a bit like Rath with his ult or Kleese’s tasers go practically untouched.

Okay so I’ve pretty much just avoided gal since the beta… Hated having her on my team, just stopped playing her until they fixed the mess she was. And tonight was “let’s finally play gal” night…

After 3 games and some gear changes, I went 15 and 2 against a full squad of 100s… With my teammates of course (I really don’t care about a characters balance when solo queuing tbh)I didn’t have a negative match all night. And I played for about 5 hours…

Anyone saying she’s not still viable IMHO is just not used to having to put thought into engaging with her.

If you’re going to have a whinge about anyone being over-nerfed it should be Ambra. Her beam thing is pathetic now.

Ambra’s beam will never be allowed to have decent damage due to several reasons.

  1. Her beam is unavoidable. The moment you’re with in range of it and it latches onto you, it literally can not miss. It becomes a form of unavoidable damage. There is no counter play to unavoidable damage.

  2. Ambra herself is actually rather thin and nimble. She has no problems with being evasive, so she can completely focus on dodging anyone else’s attacks while she just saps them with her beam.

  3. her overshield passive. If she ever gets in danger, this generous overshield will protect her and give her a large safety net to fall on while she flees. She’s by no means slow either. Then there’s also the helix upgrade that gives her even more speed when it pops.

  4. It has no ammo, no cooldown, and no reload. She can use it when she wants for however long she wants.

Kleese is practically the only other character you can use to compare to her because of his Taser. Why is his Taser allowed to be good?

  1. His taser runs on a form of ammunition. He can’t use it for as long as he wants. Once his chair reaches 0 energy, he can’t activate the taser.

  2. Kleese is a fairly large, slow character. Very Immobile despite the fact he can hover up to ledges. This means he can’t taser people and dance around them all willy nilly. Kleese WILL be taking damage and unfortunately for Kleese he’s very squishy with no overshield passive to save him.

So while Kleese can try to go for a Taser build, it’ll practically be suicide giving his large, squishy body. He might kill someone, but he will be killed in the process. Ambra on the otherhand can do it and survive because of the lifesteal of her beam, relatively small hit box, and overshield passive to help save her.

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I wasn’t talking about damage, I was talking about the range. Anyway it’s not the topic of this thread, so let’s leave it at that.

Oh, i DEFINITELY agree about ISIC; I honestly feel is the most OPd tank (well… MAYBE Boldur, but he doesn’t have ISIC’s damage).
If it wasn’t for ISICs hilarious dialog, i’d hate his guts.

Exactly; she requires thought now. This. This so ■■■■■■■ much.

I like her now that I don’t get pulled / stunned / silenced / wounded / DESTROYED in 2 sec :slight_smile:
If “being able to destroy 1v5” was what she was supposed to be then YES she s*cks.
But on the opposite if “being a tank brawler that can deal great damage and grant some CC to the team” was the point of the character, then she’s perfect now.

(I’m still a bit salty for this awful no-aim pull, it’s like saying “s*ck it ghalt, I don’t even need to aim”)

And ooooh what a pleasure to be FINALLY able to quick-melee her and outrun her, she finally has to choose between run & destroy instead of having both.