Are you happy with End game in B3?

I’m new to the series I have a high level Flak with about 170 Guardian Rank.

The journey was fun but at this point in the game 5sec boss fight and solo circles of slaughter etc. are getting old. Forge system would be nice for min maxing gear, I mean how many times do you expect to Graveward for high tier loot it’s such a mindless grind.

I’m wondering will there be any endgame activities that would be incentivized by proper loot?
Maybe it’s just me, in D2 you grind guns for PvP which is a real endgame there, grind boss specific weapons, do team based raids etc.

What do you guys think, are you happy with an Endgame here?


Maybe the future extensions will unlock more Mayhem levels?
But, at this stage, looks like you can’t do much more…
I am impressed by the speed of your progression btw, that’s dedications! :open_mouth: :smiley:

NO. But hopefully they will get us a raid or some events soon. I’m still trying to figure out why GBX thought it was a good idea to include 0 raids in the base game. Especially since farming bosses for specific legendaries is not the name of the game in 3 as it was in 2.

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Yeah thanks, I no-lifed this game a bit got 100hrs on the clock. I wasn’t doing offline stuff just briefly to see if there is actually any difference. Only one circle - the Slaughter Shaft seems to be dropping loot and this is where I got my best gear from. Then traded for one very good Flak class mod and my Flak instead of kiting badasses in circle is hunting for them to slaughter.
Flak game-play as glass cannon is great albeit one-dimensional unfortunately.
I wanted to level Amara as their is more depth but technical state of the game and 2 story playthroughs solidified her fate as a mule for now.

Yep, no specific drop tables from Bosses or certain enemies is a problem. I wonder why they don’t look at Destiny’s 2 (Poo) history, they managed to bring up their end game from zero to a satisfactory level.

I honestly dont think B3 has an endgame right now.

Proving Grounds/Circle of Slaughter aka Horde Mode.

Mayhem Mode aka… Quit to main menu until you get something you like.


I think that the end game for this game in non-existent.

Circle of Slaughter was included in all previous borderlands titles, but was never the “end-game”.

The Trials are too simple and easy to be considered real “end-game” content.

Hopefully, B3, like B2 will feature some real challenges soon. The Invincible Boss Raids are where this game really has shined in the past. So many are asking for nerfs to viable strategies… we haven’t even seen what the real endgame looks like yet… why are we wanting anything nerfed?

We should be asking for a real endgame before we all lose interest in the game.


Overall I’m happy with the game, but I don’t believe they have really implemented the “endgame” yet.

Endgame is trash honestly, mayhem modes are pretty counter intuitive, end game reflects on a characters progression in his or her build they’re trying to construct. If these modifiers ruin said build- then the endgame is just purposely fighting against you in a trollish way, there for end games is trash. AND proving grounds is laughably terrible, circle of slaughter will spawn 20 rocket bad-asses that make you not be able to see anything, I just can’t figure out the direction the devs were going with the game other than there being loot ( Which they nerfed )

They were never as challenging or repeatable before either.

These are speed challenges only, really for people who like speed runs which was a big thing I’m previous games.

I think these were off omissions but I think the percentage of players fighting them was lower than we think. I do hope we get them with dlcs.

You forgot mayhem.

Bl1 or 2 didn’t launch with any difficulty additions. It was just nvhm and tvhm.

Bl3 has the best endgame at launch of any of the games. However it could be better.


I’m satisfied with it for now. It’s not really complete without raid bosses, though.

I swear that it let me repeat the 5th round of the circle of slaughter in Tiny Tina’s DLC… I used to do it for fun against all of the mages. Am I wrong on this?

I love speed runs too… but we need to be able to turn off our “Badass Ranks” to make it an even playing field… once we can disable it, we will have more fun with it. Until “Badass Ranks” are able to be turned off, these are pointless and too easy IMO. Also, we need a way to make sure that everyone’s mayhem settings match…

My playgroup has always been small, but we absolutely loved them :). I hope that we get them too, and I don’t think that anyone will be talking about how fast Moze’s grenades killed an invicible…

I didn’t forget it. I love Mayhem mode. I think that they should make it much, much, harder though.

You could repeat the badass round and the tower defense round, iirc.

I’m glad that you’re happy with it, I was right up until my friend and I (a couple of noobs), managed to beat the Slaughterstar 3000 on Mayhem 3 (without optimal gear). Now I just can’t see a point in bothering to get better gear. We beat the hardest thing, and our gear, and builds are far from optimized. Both of us are still using purple stuff…

Bruh , really?
I mean do you like doing badass rounds that much?

Yes that was the only one I think, not finks, hyperion, or creature. None of the base game ones.

Gaurdian isn’t Bar, it caps at 15% im sure in a few months most speed run people and hardcare players will have it all pretty much maxed, then all is equal.

I would like more as well, but I’m just saying base game we have way more than any previous games. Once dlc starts to hit I think it will be great.

For now I have 3 more characters to level and tons of gear to find. So I have a lot to do.

There’s still dlc to come, plenty of it I imagine. Shelve bl3 for a month if you have to, there will be a lot of content to consume in time

Borderlands 1 had nothing
Borderlands 2 had 2 raids, not extra difficulty settings, no repeatable arenas
Borderlands TPS had one raid that was the end boss with more difficulty, no difficulty settings, and no repeatable arenas.

Bl3 has way more than those.

How did 1, 2, or TPS have more endgame at launch?

All BL2 had at launch was Terra