Are you happy with the latest Zane buffs?

Personally, I think Zane is still failing bosses, as he can only do sensible damage if he activates his kill skills or his two action skills. He deals mediocre damage in those 15 seconds, then the damage goes down again massively.


Okay this is an exception because you gotta get the right stuff, but what! I think @flightx3aa posted this video

Edit: okay before people get onto me for this, I don’t disagree with the OP. I just saw the video today and thought it was worth contextualizing the OP. I agree that Zane needs more scaling so that there isn’t only one or two ways to play him.

Playing him with the craziest gear possible isn’t proof that he shouldn’t be buffed. Sorry to the OP for the confusion.


zane needs more buffs


And how exactly does this help the OP? Your just showing off and bragging. What build, how much god role gear do you have and how many Guardian points?

I didn’t make the video. Just showing that with the right gear he can do some crazy things.

It is a Recursion and Wotan,… its is the new version of bore on bnkr.


Ha, meanwhile, Amara can do it walking backwards.

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It has similar scaling concepts and hits multiple hit boxes at once.

On topic: like I said, I agree that Zane as a character is undertuned and you shouldn’t have to literally jump through hoops to feel like you have similar value to a team as the others

That’s one player’s excellence. It doesn’t prove Zane is in a good place. Also see the author’s response above. He’s been an active proponent of improvements to Zane. He also seems to be impressively skilled and determined to make the old Irishman work.

Edit: response was made before you edited your post - it seems like we both agree Zane is still in need of some thoughtful helpful buffs.


They better not nerf that gun. If they released a raid with only one enemy to fight, then the damage falls off super hard.

It’s not the gun that needs nerfed, it’s the anointment interaction


Agreed. I edited my post. Didn’t mean to make it seem like I don’t think Zane needs buffs. I main Moze but my buddy mains Zane and her biggest challenge is sustain in long fights with lots of badasses. She def feels pushed by the game to use gimmicky builds rather than what she would enjoy.

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Zane is my main and i love playing him. but i so agree. I hate that they have forced us all to hunt for very specific gear to play the one build that may actually work. But most of the videos we watch of people bragging about Zane are worthless. Like the cryo build zane who was able to solo the shaft in 25 minutes, please. I built it and it didn’t work at all. Why, because the guy had god roll class mods and artifacts and right after his video the nerfed the Lucians. Every video out there is the same, might have been a great build at the time, but not now. I have yet to get a build to work like in the videos. I just want to play Zane without all this maneuvering and junk. He needs to be more viable. I may try to go back to my original speed demon Zane utilizing the Ryder shield which they claim now works properly, that infiltrator build did me well excepts for boss fights where tough

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Zane needs a few things.

First he needs to be able to Sprint and Shoot. and I mean he NEEDS this. Otherwise Sliding is the ONLY gimmick that can effectively use speed zane outside of free falling. Without sprint while shooting, the snowdrift artifact is a requirement which limits build diversity. Sprinting is not as fast as snowdrift sliding, so their is trade-off built in.

I think Zane needs a skill like the Ice Breaker artifact BUILT INTO his tree. I shouldn’t have to be forced to have an artifact to utilize Zanes best element to maximum potential. especially since elemental projector is out of the question. Id add it as a secondary effect to brain freeze since brain freeze is underpowered as a tier 2, 5/5 point skill. Most other tier 2 skills have a secondary effect or have a higher chance rate to proc. Zane literally has less internal Cryo Efficiency in his tree than Amara, since cryo efficiency is a status effect.

Most important he needs good COMs. Coms that buff some of his 1 point skills. and better anointments that are like the sntnl Cryo one. These on action skill end anointment are not geared towards Zane unless you are exploding your clone

Lastly he needs some stat buffs. Kill skills should not be underperforming passives. I like the idea mentioned by @Felixthecoach , all his kill skills need a base passive plus and a bonus on kill. Just like Cool hands


That sounds like the tickle me pink video where he rolled +70% elemental, +50% ar, +50% something else. That video was not how to build ccc lol, try this one out
P.S rough rider is not good with infiltrator either, try out a shield like Ward.


At least some of the kill skill should have a base passive plus a bonus on kill, imho

Lol, any new player looking at Zane will initially think “CRYO!”, when in fact the best gun you can use with him is a Maggie, and as you said he has zero ways to improve cryo damage. There is only one skill that gives bonus cryo damage and only on the first bullet (really thematic as Zane swaps the guns so fast he freezes the barrel and the bullet shooting out unfreezes it - also f. theme make it give me 30% damage for 8 seconds…)


You are not alone, but I am quickly losing hope as Gearbox seems determined to keep Zane a meme.

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It’s one of his top guns. There are other guns I’ve found that are just as beneficial on Zane. Dictator, Hellwalker, Crossroads. The Dictator is amazing for getting freezes against multiple enemies as it will spam crits like crazy but from distance not kill too fast to not freeze(using this in takedown to just spray against distant targets and keep AS up easy), he can also move reasonably fast with bi-pod deployed. Then up close it just melts. Hellwalker just performs pretty much exactly like the Maggie(needs accuracy skills). Crossroads I’ve found very good for for freezing fast moving hard to hit flying enemies like jetpack commandos. There are several others but these are my top 3 along with the Maggie.

Here is my short list of Zane skill tree improvements.

  • CCC action skill reset also proc ASE anointments.
  • Nerves of Steel scales with amount of shield like Confident Competence already does.
  • Nerves of Steel should give at least 15% crit bonus per point because what’s the point of all that accuracy if they aren’t rewarding us for head shots? :grin:
  • Death Follows Close should be a flat additive boost. So for example, if you put 1 point in Violent Momentum and let’s say it gave you 5% movement speed and you have Death Follows Close your movement speed becomes 30% (5% + 25%).
  • Best Served Cold, in addition to what it already does it should also increase crit damage to frozen targets 10% per point and increase cryo efficiency 15% per point. The reason for the cryo efficiency increase is to try and turn the cryo nova into something useful by having it be able to potentially freeze enemies.
  • Sprint while shooting.