Are you happy with the latest Zane buffs?

That sounds like the tickle me pink video where he rolled +70% elemental, +50% ar, +50% something else. That video was not how to build ccc lol, try this one out
P.S rough rider is not good with infiltrator either, try out a shield like Ward.


At least some of the kill skill should have a base passive plus a bonus on kill, imho

Lol, any new player looking at Zane will initially think “CRYO!”, when in fact the best gun you can use with him is a Maggie, and as you said he has zero ways to improve cryo damage. There is only one skill that gives bonus cryo damage and only on the first bullet (really thematic as Zane swaps the guns so fast he freezes the barrel and the bullet shooting out unfreezes it - also f. theme make it give me 30% damage for 8 seconds…)


You are not alone, but I am quickly losing hope as Gearbox seems determined to keep Zane a meme.

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It’s one of his top guns. There are other guns I’ve found that are just as beneficial on Zane. Dictator, Hellwalker, Crossroads. The Dictator is amazing for getting freezes against multiple enemies as it will spam crits like crazy but from distance not kill too fast to not freeze(using this in takedown to just spray against distant targets and keep AS up easy), he can also move reasonably fast with bi-pod deployed. Then up close it just melts. Hellwalker just performs pretty much exactly like the Maggie(needs accuracy skills). Crossroads I’ve found very good for for freezing fast moving hard to hit flying enemies like jetpack commandos. There are several others but these are my top 3 along with the Maggie.

Here is my short list of Zane skill tree improvements.

  • CCC action skill reset also proc ASE anointments.
  • Nerves of Steel scales with amount of shield like Confident Competence already does.
  • Nerves of Steel should give at least 15% crit bonus per point because what’s the point of all that accuracy if they aren’t rewarding us for head shots? :grin:
  • Death Follows Close should be a flat additive boost. So for example, if you put 1 point in Violent Momentum and let’s say it gave you 5% movement speed and you have Death Follows Close your movement speed becomes 30% (5% + 25%).
  • Best Served Cold, in addition to what it already does it should also increase crit damage to frozen targets 10% per point and increase cryo efficiency 15% per point. The reason for the cryo efficiency increase is to try and turn the cryo nova into something useful by having it be able to potentially freeze enemies.
  • Sprint while shooting.

What? No love for his faithful clone companion?

That was my “short” list. I could go on. :grin:


Would like to add to this that it should also re-activate Seeing Red.


Good call. Though my cynicism tells me this is too logical and contains too much common sense to be implemented.

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It never occurred to me that a CCC build means by definition you’ll almost never have your ASE.

Righteous indignation intensifies


Thank, i may try this, - How do you think a cryo anointed Shreddefier would do here, it seems to out perform the lucians. Also, i have a two maggies the next 2 mags cryo and the ASE 125%dam - Wish i had one that is 50% cryo with SNTL. sure it would work best.

Also, so your saying the rough rider infiltrator is still broken?

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For me, one of the biggest issues with Zane on higher difficulties is that’s almost impossible to get a second wind during FFYL unless there’s some trash mobs around… So it would be pretty nice to see some passive buffs or seein’ red activating when in FFYL…

I mean if they ever put additional skill trees they should make one around FFYL seeing that unless you’re running a CCC build you’re very vulnerable most of the time XD


Gearbox answer to this will end up being a perk that says, “you gain 300% movement speed while in ffyl”.

Hilariously, Zane builds become getting knocked down so they can crawl around on the ground and do as much damage as possible before disappointingly standing back up


Yeah I agree. Zane’s damage while downed is pitiful. It’s not even just not having kill skills either, it’s a combination of all the conditional skills that depend on things like level of shield % etc.

I have a VRED build that regularly hits around 50k per mortar without kill skills up. When I go down, that turns into 15k. It’s sad.

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There’s a real potential for hilarity in a build based on that… I mean, I could see a deathless+infiltrator build becoming the new Zane trend XD


I know @sammantixbb would love that one. :smiley:

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Zombie Maya Lives Again Again?

Too soon?

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This problem is compounded without guardian ranks to put you above health gate upon stand because you’re immediately vulnerable to being downed a second time, but this time without a low health enemy to kill