Are you happy with your season pass purchase?

At this point i feel like it was just a waste of 20 bucks tbh

would be cool if we got some skins/taunts or something at least. I guess i shoulda read more into it.

Basically all i got so far is alani (which i coulda got myself without paying real money) but i dont even play her so basically i got nothin’

what yall think?


Is a crucial point here. I’m very keen for the rest of the new content to arrive.


Well, we haven’t even gotten the 4 other characters or any of the 5 DLC missions so… I’m going to wait and see, just like anyone else that got the season pass.

You spent $20 to get 5 characters and 5 additional PvE missions. To judge the value of it, you need to actually wait until you get more than a tiny fraction of what you bought. Just because you don’t like Alani doesn’t mean you won’t like Pendles or the Thrall Rebellion, both of which are coming this month.

Also, the cost of buying a DLC character is so large that it would take you something like 30+ hours of play at a minimum to afford just one (instead of a whole mess of loot and the skins/taunts that come with them). Or you could spend a few bucks.


I’m not UNhappy with my season pass. Ask me again once all the season pass content has been released!


Yeah im pretty happy. We have a lot to look forward to. I was only expecting the season pass content and now we’re are getting extra stuff like a broadcaster mode.

Basically I’m just really excited about everything coming up.

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I don’t regret purchasing it

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Ditto. I’m very excited for what’s coming up soon. Most season passes take many months to deliver. This one is delivering faster than them.


Since they haven’t released any of it yet why do you feel different about it now than before?

Those are part of it but we have not got the first of 5 season pass releases yet.

She wasn’t part of the season pass, characters and pvp maps/modes are not part of the pass. As a bonus for season pass holders you got the key to unlock her but yeah you don’t need the pass for pvp stuff.

The season pass is for the 5 new story missions which will come with skins, taunts, and I think I heard new gear as well, but I’m not 100% on that part of it.

The stories will be $5 each or $20 for all 5 with the pass.

I think we should wait and see what the new story missions are like.


I’m going to wait until they actually give me what I paid for before deciding whether or not I’ll be happy with the product.


of course my opinion can, and probably will change.

im just saying atm it feels like it was a waste of cash.

I preordered the Digital Deluxe and early access to Alani didn’t really matter to me. I honestly have nothing to base any satisfaction on. So, right now I’m neither happy or unhappy.

With fallout, I was relieved I got the season pass early when they raised the price after they decided to have even more future content than originally planned. But their season pass included ALL future dlc.

Though, I have to admit I am disappointed in my preorder of the BBDD after the price for the standard edition was slashed so early. Finding out I could have picked up the game and season pass for less than I paid for the Digital Deluxe, if I had just waited a few weeks, was disheartening. Now that the bonuses that came with it are being sold in the new marketplace, there isn’t even anything unique about preordering the full price “Deluxe” edition.

But hey, at least I got to pay more for supporting their Idea early.
I’ll always have that!


I will tell you Winter 2017. Or after 2-3 dlc. Before that, it’s too soon to tell. But I’m not worried. Given how great this game is, it doesn’t really matter at this point. I’m happy already with just the character unlocks. And we’ll get extra skins? Sure why not.


No, it’s not too soon for some to make that decision. When you are unhappy with the game or the choices the producers have made to the point that you feel like dropping the game, it feels like the season pass was a waste.


Unhappy. I’ve been unhappy with the DD purchase ever since I learned I wouldn’t be able to play DLC missions split-screen.


Very excited for Pendles. Very unsure about everything else. Not unhappy though. Cautious.

I hope the season pass missions are fun to run solo, because at the current PC player attrition rate…

Only half joking. 200 hours played, I got my money’s worth from this game, regardless of what happens next.

The only game I haven’t regetted buying a season pass/deluxe version for is The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red gets first crack at any of my daughters, full train.

I don’t have kids…

At least I have stopped preordering.


Wait a second! You’ve been preordering children! Isn’t that illegal?

But on a more serious note I kind of forgot that the Season Pass really did anything. I am kind of disapointed because so far it has gotten us nothing substantial. I long for just one round of skins. Just one. But I doubt that we will get anything until the first DLC which is almost disappointing. Almost.

I don’t buy season passes anymore. By the time the content comes out, I’ve usually moved on to other games.


But hey, you always have the title, podium, and subtitle for the game, right?