Are you interested in a third playthrough (UVHM)?

Do you want to play through the story another time (UVHM)? Or would you rather prefer more Mayhem modifiers or a similar mechanic that does the same thing but can be applied to the two currently available modes (Normal/TVHM)? Or do you even want to keep the game’s current state?

Personally, I’d prefer if Gearbox would remove TVHM, make Normal Mode resettable and add another shrine (like the Mayhem one) to the game that holds modifiers for TVHM and UVHM which are independent of Mayhem. That way nobody loses anything. You could still reset your playthrough, do all missions and the story from scratch. That would have several benefits (quality of life, easier customization, etc.) but I doubt it will ever happen.

  • Yes, I’d love to have UVHM.
  • I’d rather have an alternative in form of new Mayhem modifiers or a similar mechanic that doesn’t require yet another playthrough.
  • No, I’m fine with the current state of the game.

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Id be fine with either UVMH or a rebalance of Mayhem to make it more constant in buffs/debuffs.


i want both lmao.

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or both , yes lol

Yes uvhm
But, it tvhm should then be optional. After first playthrough let the player decide to jump right to uvhm.

Im fine with the bad voice acting as long as I can skip it.Thats why I answered No.

Doing my 7th playthrough, then will do the final 8th. I’d prefer to do something else than redoing it all over again.

Once again UVHM would make sense, but I hope they’d make some real difference to the game so we don’t get stuck repeating the same endless loop

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If a UVH mode goes as it has in past renditions and raises the level cap thus diversifying and encouraging more character build options, then yeah I’m interested. But for F#%K SAKE give us a cutscene skipping option.

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If they let us play on mayhem 3 from the beginning and skip cutscenes, yes I’d be interested. Otherwise, at this point, not really.

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they could tie UVMH to lvl too. lets say they increase the lvl cap to 60, as soon as you are 60 then you unlock UVMH


UVHM and a modifier that makes the same changes as UVHM but can be applied to any playthrough? How is this supposed to work?

what are you on about?

I hope they don’t add more playthroughs. When they added the 4th playthrough in BL2 was when I stopped playing that game, I don’t have time to play through the game 4 times with multiple characters.

I think if they just allowed mayhem mode in TVHM from the start instead of having to complete the campaign again it would be better.


Let me play my way. Once all the DLC is out, I’d rather be able to choose how I level up. Forcing the main campaign everytime limits the content that I can play when leveling.


You said you want both (UVHM and the modifier). But the modifier I suggested would be an equivalent to UVHM, it boosts the same enemy stats/multipliers. The only difference would be that a modifier like that wouldn’t require yet another playthrough but can be activated in any playthrough (Normal/TVHM). Having both wouldn’t make much sense. If you’re already in UVHM activating the modifier would result in 0 change and activating the modifier in the current two playthroughs would make UVHM obsolete.

Edit: Or was your post a response to Spytock1? If that’s the case ignore what I’ve said. :smiley:

Only if they let us skip cut scenes. So right now, NO

I’d rather they just layer in more Mayhem Modifiers (rebalanced ones). If I feel like going through a new playthrough, then I’ll just reset. But the problem with that is how will they go implement beyond TVHM M3. They’d have to rework the interface.

It could be a completely new “shrine” and menu. The Mayhem modifiers can remain the way they are. Not sure why they decided to have another game with multiple playthroughs when they could have made Normal Mode resettable and have those special modifiers resemble TVHM/UVHM.

NVHM, TVHM, UVHM are all wonderful as long as they are not duplicates of one another. There should be stark differences between all modes for the discerning player.