Are you kidding me?!

So I haven’t play The PreSequel in quite some time…since ClapTastic Voage came out…WHY IS EVERYTHING WIPED LIKE I NEVER PLAYED THE ■■■■■■■ GAME?!

Pardon the language but I decided to play and noticed every head and skin I had was gone. I got pissed and stopped plauing because of that but started it back up to give it a shot…my 30k BAR is gone as well! ■■■■ you Gearbox. Literally the only proof I have that I’ve done anything in this game are the 46 achievements I have. Fix this ■■■■■■■■ dude…

That sucks. I haven’t tried playing since the patch/update, so now I’m hoping I don’t run into the same issue.

I may load it up just to update it and find out. I too would be pissed if I lose anything, but I will find out.

All that being said, have you submitted a trouble ticket to GBX?
They might be able to straighten it out for you.

Here’s the link:

This is probably the infamous BAR reset glitch Gbx were never able to fix, I’m fairly certain it’s not related to the patch.

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Ah, thanks @Angelripper.

Didn’t consider that. That did happen to me once in BL2, but I was able to fix it myself in that
case. ( One thing being a Fallout player taught me was to back up my savs ALL the time, including my profile ).

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This is a common glitch, if you load your characters you will get your bar back.

If you put in a support ticket sometimes they can fix your heads/skins.

More on this, they can restore any heads and skins you obtained via shift code. Unfortunately any from world drops, will have to be refound.