Are you #%€? Kidding me?

Look I understand it’s beta. I understand things are wonky. But if the matchmaking doesn’t get fixed then I’m not buying this game. Not only am I not buying this game, I’m speaking out against it.

In summary, if I Q for matchmaking p as a lvl 8 new player, under no circumstances should I be matched up w players who are my level against lvl 45 BETA (no really, beta) players. That was this most recent match. Last match,it was out lvl 5 crew against lvl 25 crew. Both times it was stupid absurd and god damn pointless. I was repeatedly destroyed, ■■■■■, one shotted by players much better and better gear e then me, for no other reason than your matchmaking is idiotic. Maybe this is a general failing ps on mobas but for gods sake matchmaker of toons with similar levels. It’s so simple, put players of similar levels against other players of similar levels. As a lvl 7 person who is just figuring out the game, I should not and NEVER have to contend w a player who is 20-40+ levels ahead of me bc they don’t have a job that requires them to work 40 hours a day(In a beta).

So in short, figure out matchmaking. Match up people who are similar levels. This is not rocket scientist bit mobas keep getting this wrong. If you don’t fix it, it’s not a purchase for me…

There currently is no skill-based matchmaking in place. Relax. They are working on it.

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“Look I understand it’s beta.”

No, you obviously don’t if this is something you’re complaining about.
Your command level has nothing to do with skill, so I don’t see why that should be taken into incredible consideration. All it has to do with right now is characters unlocked, and maybe some gear since lvl 30’s can get the epic loot packs. I’ve had my items that I primarily use since lvl 10 or so, and I haven’t gotten anything crazy out an epic loot pack.

Both of the game modes are a bit snowbally if your team is outskilled. Damage does scale up as players level, so if a player gets fed, it can certainly be an issue. That being said, I imagine some matchmaking rank system will be put in place when the game actually releases.

However, this is a beta, remember? We’re on day 4 right now, and people have been complaining about slow match making the whole time. If a ranking system was put into place, it would have made matchmaking slower than before and even more complaining would have ensued on the forums.

Also, it may not be rocket science, but it seems to me you don’t quite understand how difficult these things actually are.


This is temporary, devs have confirmed they’re working on skill based match making. Also, just a tip, being in a party with even one other person, more is even better, is a surprisingly huge advantage. If you don’t have anyone to play with try asking around the forums, or youtube videos, probably reddit or anything that has comments that Battleborn players will see. There are lots of players in the same boat as you, including myself, who would enjoy to team up. If you are on ps4 and able to return to the beta, my psn is whwiii. I too have a pretty busy schedule this week, but I’ll probably be on Friday night and pretty much all weekend.

Well craziness, it’s been 4 days and I don’t “understand” the game.? My entire point is that this is their beta but also their demo. I’d think that matchmaking would be job one in a pvp/moba focused game. If it’s not the focus, then if you’re a noob to mobas or a noob to this game, what’s the incentive to purchasing it? Of course I don’t have the best gear or a wide variety of characters. You’ve proven my point for me. In 80% of the pvp games I’ve played during this beta, I’m a lvl 7 character in a group of lvl 7 characters versus groups w an average of lvl 25. Yes, lvl matters, gear matters, access to “better” characters matters if you want to progress. This seems obvious to anyone who’s played a moba or pvp game before. So my point, which I think is common sense, is matchmaking is job one in a game of this type. Because I’ve played this beta and I think the concept is pretty cool but if I lose every pvp match, bc I’m facing much higher level and/or skilled opponents, then what’s my incentive to continue to play. I get that if I’ve shelled out 60 bucks for the game, quite frankly, the developer is not going to give a crap about that, bc I’ve paid my cash. But when there’s a demo, which this beta is, I hope a developer will take seriously the thoughts of a potential day one purchaser.

Quite frankly, that was a nice reasonable reply and I appreciate it. I’m hoping common sense tier based matchmaking is a high priority. If it is, it’s a very viable game model.

It definitely is a priority. The creative director posted a couple of nights ago that they are currently testing the algorithms and hope to get it in place sometime during the beta period.

You can get some pretty good pieces from doing Coop. Atleast, that’s where I got mine. As far as “better” characters go, there are only two characters who are a little strong that you unlock with levels - Ambra and Galilea. I main Thorn, who is accessible at the start, and I’ve poured an obscene amount of hours into this game for it being a beta. Not having access to characters isn’t that big of a hindrance, and most of the characters you do unlock through level are balanced, or even underwhelming. I imagine gearbox will make all the of the characters available to everyone toward the end of the beta.

As far as the whole “I already paid, why should the devs care anymore?” idea, Gearbox isn’t EA. They take pretty good care of their customers and games.

Ahah, there it is, I was looking for that thread. My fear for this is that it will suffer the same fate as destiny’s matchmaking. Destiny had skill based matchmaking, but was also known for having also side effects when it comes to lag. It was a super common problem, and it would often end up benefiting the player with the bad connection, so naturally people didn’t want to play with people who had bad connections. This resulted in a general outcry from the community calling for connection based matchmaking instead of skill based matchmaking. Eventually Bungie caved, and they either implemented it or are going to implement it soon (I’ve kinda checked out of Destiny). So far the only lag problems I have been encountering only really affect me when I have a spotty connection. It will be interesting to see what type of lag-based issues start to arise in Battleborn.

I felt pretty betrayed by the PreSequel and its season pass, and a lot of people were pretty disappointed by several other games released from Gearbox, which I believe were not bad because they cannot make good games, but rather because higher-ups wanted to cash in on the games for maximum profit. This time around they do seem to be listening very closely to their community and actively participating in forum discussions. They really are going above and beyond, and the community has been very vocal about their appreciation for this. I just hope that it’s something we continue to see past the game’s release.

Speaking of which, what happened to Randy Pitchford, is he no longer at Gearbox, or is he just being kept hidden because people were displeased with his decisions.

Just bear in mind a lower ranked player may have better gear if they do more PvE than a higher ranked player. Rank really doesn’t mean anything after about 10 or so as they would have a fairly decent grasp of the game by then. Also many of the characters unlocked from higher command ranks are actually considered lower tier than the Battleborn you start with.

More experience definitely does help though, especially early in the game’s life like this. Also I feel like a higher level kind of indicates that the player is much more committed to the game than the average player who may have just stumbled upon it in the PS store or seen an ad on youtube and gone, “It’s free? why not play it a bit.” Also being a higher level allows you access higher tier loot packs in the store, which will get you much better gear.

Totally understand your frustrations here and I’m sure the team will see this and note your feedback.

As we’ve said, we want to offer a level playing field for everyone, so this feedback is valuable to us.

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