Are you not hyped

FARMABLE BOSSES… FINALLY!!! XD we finally have farmable bosses everybody. I can now get my shooting star with ease. How do you guys feel about it? Feel there are any bosses that need to be changed or put in? Leave it down below :).

Only thing i would like to see is maybe some of the mini bosses that always respawned. Such as the three dark siders, oscar, swagman etc… i would like to see them get some kind of unique assigned to them. Like some of the legendaries that have no drops. And we have to either use the grinder or very luckily come across one to get them. But it’s not that big of a deal. Im so damn excited for this dlc and patch.


Extremely happy. I can finally dig into TPS and get my farming on (like I do with BL1 & BL2).

Hyped for added content but not so much for farmable bosses. In truth, I can’t think of any additional item I actually want (got most everything through grinder farming). I farm now to: test out weapons, spend moonstones via the chests since I’m usually at 500 moonstones (Felicity & RK5) and get purple weapons for the grinder (Iwajira).

This should have been there since day 1. Everyone’s getting so happy over them fixing something that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place

Also zarpedon. But whatever


Agreed…but why not be happy that a company admitted the mistake…and then took the time and money and effort to fix the problem. Which is better for the fans…and the game itself.

I’m happy they are making moves to add end game content because that is the part of the game I enjoy the most.

Getting to the highest level
Begin acquiring my “arsenal”
And constantly tinkering with build, gun and equipment combos to face various end game situations…raids, mobs, arenas, etc.


I’m excited for the dlc, I did want some new raid bosses tho.
Hopefully we get some later :,)

I’m not sure how to take your post…so we should continue to hold a grudge and complain?

It wasnt a mistake, so there was nothing to fix about it day one. People play this game for the story, and those same people are the ones who complained that the bosses respawned in BL2. So in this one, they made some bosses not respawn, so people who played for the story felt like they accomplished something in the game. They even said so at some PAX panel they did. And they said they were putting it in (NOT FIXING) it now because everyone who wanted to play it for the story has already done it.

I’m excited for the new locations. Boss farming is kind of a drag without lynchwood, dust, caustic caverns, sawtooth cauldron, lair of infinite agony, etc. Here we have moon and space station, those poor bosses don’t excite me as much.

Honestly I’m just wondering why they didn’t have boss farming available since launch…

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Not hyped, thought I would be though. Still keen to play it. Not expecting something Pandora shattering just more Borderlands I suppose.

for some reason i was hoping there was any slight chance at all that something like this would be included in the respawning bosses patch, it would add so much to the game.

more borderlands? HYPED.