Are you refraining from playing Benedict due to the attack damage buff?

In PvP specifically. I feel like it would be cheesing if I played him. Once you get reload speed, triple Hawkeye Rockets, and the right attack damage gear, he’ll output 2000 damage or more within the span of 8 seconds. That doesn’t sit right for me, so I don’t play him in PvP anymore. The buff was unneeded IMO. I get people who main him will likely appreciate how easily they’ll melt people, but you can’t deny that its absurd.


Yes, Benedict is just too much right now, overpowered characters are unfair to the others and not fun or rewarding to play for me.

(I have also forced myself to stop using Ambra’s legendary given her current state… but that’s a different can of worms)

All of these unnecessary buffs, ugh.

Yes…just like I didn’t play Gali when she was ridic. I just feel dirty. I can’t do it, even though he was bae way before the buffs.

IMO for me, the buff was good (in a bad way).

But I counter him so bad with marquis (even after nerf) and oscar.

So yeap. As for me personally, I just don’t play him cuz I generally suck with him. Yes damage is good and all, but without skill, I think I make ben worst than he is >.<

He was stupid back when people only sat in cheese spots and shot at you.

Now that more people realize you can push buttons and double his dps, he’s just stupid. Especially vs big bodies because they are easy to hit.

I don’t know why they were worried about his dps when he was always a bursty character.

Considering that before the buff I consistently went 18-0 as him (without using the no reload cheat), I haven’t touched him since I know that it just wouldn’t be fair for the enemies.

this game was at its absolute best, imo, during the closed test. benedict was strong back then, but nothing like he is now. ambra was great, but nothing like she is now. rath’s ult was strong, but nothing like it is now and his knockup blinded like it should now. phoebe had actual hard cc, unlike now where all she has is the same thing every character in the game has with just a gear choice. there was no bs characters like alani and gali… it was great.

buffing benedict’s damage would be like buffing montana’s survivability right now–it makes no sense whatsoever

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As much as I love my Benedict, I have to agree. I find myself doing 15-30+ kills easily with him even against very good players. He is broken at the moment but I still use him if I am paired with inexperienced players. It is easy to carry the team with Benedict xD

Ray for president of BB

I am not for two very simple reasons:

  1. I need to get his lore done for killing battleborn while flying; and,

  2. I hate to say it but I am absolutely atrocious with him.

I understand the reload (firing if you prefer) clipping, but yet, when I am in the heat of battle, my fingers just mash down on those buttons trying to get rockets out faster to try and secure the airborn kill. I’m also terrible at leading an enemy to secure a hit.

He is easily the one character that I have the most difficulty using. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just can’t get the hang of him.

He was op before. Now

I don’t play him because he’s difficult. Granted, his damage is too much, but he is easily one of the hardest characters to be good at.

In your opinion, what makes him hard to play? From my perspective he is easy. I had a harder time getting good with Orendi than with Benedict.

Low health, and I can’t guide rockets for ■■■■. There’s a lot of people who can’t, based on my experience with randoms.

I play Reyna, Whiskey, and Montana, and of those three, Reyna’s secondary is the most challenging to hit anything with for me. Hitscan for life, please.

No, but seriously, his rockets are too hard to hit for people who aren’t accustomed to it.

Ok probably accuracy could be a challenge. Maybe it was easy to me because I am used to shooting games that requires accuracy to be a good player.