Are you sure melee life steal relics exist?

I still have yet to ever find one of these. Multiple characters, multiple playthroughs, farming circles of slaughter for days on end.

Yeah, they do. They seem to be a fair bit more rare than all of the other ones. I managed to get an almost perfect one yesterday while doing some boss runs.


Yes. The Artifact you are looking for is called a Knife Drain. I suggest farming Tyreen or Troy, in my experience both do have a high chance of dropping artifacts, although I got this particular one from an Eridian chest iirc.

What boss have you been farming you seem to have gotten that quite a bit lol and online or offline? . At this point I don’t even care about the bonuses I just want that knife drain white elephant. I’m not sure why but it’s a lot stronger for me against bosses and annointed (the sticky bomb) than it is against regular mobs.
I have a elemental melee embue white elephant and have noticed that so the knife Drain im convinced would be much better for boss fights than sticking to unleash the dragon.

And you may already know this but the redundant Facepuncher is way better for this than the deep dive since the stick to bombs appear to be 30% chance per pellet.

I have this. Need another one without the shield recharge rate though.

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I farm all kinds of bosses, none particular, I need variety. In between I switch to Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter. Everything was done online. I played offline only once when my internet connection was gone for a day. Afterwards I had a ton of additional guardian ranks. :smiley:

I’m only LvL 31 but I just recently got one from my first graveyard kill. A green one called Lustrous Knife Drain LvL 28

I have one too, so good. Got mine from the Grave, love that guy.

Seems like Knife Drain prefix is a bit rarer than the rest. I’ve gotten tons of the elemental stone prefixes but very few Knife Drain.

They’re half of all the relics I find. It almost got to the point where I was going to create a thread asking if anything else existed.

What would be a “perfect one”?

Something that would make sense in a melee build instead of “Heavy Damage”.

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Cooldown (invaluable for anointed buffs and find your center/helping hands), Melee Damage, Area Of Effect Damage (multiplicative increase to White Elephant sticky bombs getting an even more significant dps increase than any other stat you could roll on the relic) getting max health on a Knife Drain relic is pretty meh tbh, considering we are practically always topped off as long as we melee, this makes max health an unnecessary stat.