Área of effect is it strong enough?

With the new minions power and hp how do you feel with this nerf?

  • It’s fine.
  • Size should be reverted.
  • Damage should be reverted.
  • Duration should be reverted.
  • Size and dmg.
  • Size and duration.
  • Dmg and duration.
  • All reverted back.

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To me size is what gets me more than anything. It should be brought back to what it was before but leave the damage and duration as it is now.

For Mike, Napalm size should be reverted, and I think damage per second should be reverted as well, because total damage will be lower anyway due to reduced time.

Currently late game minions will survive Airstrike, so there should be no problem even with old Napalm.

I think it’s fine, it took me one game with mike to get used to the size. It just takes more skill than before.