Area progress being reset. Again. And again

Hi everyone. Hope your day is going well. Forgive the lengthyish post.

Anyways, regarding this issue. I finally got around to unlocking areas for the location achievements, as I knew they were buggy around launch. Well I got 223/223, but didn’t get any of the achievements.

A little bit annoyed, I started a second character to unlock all areas on just the NVHM playthrough. After rushing through the game yesterday, I went back to certain areas only to realize they had all been reset, despite my tracker showing something like 80/223. Alright, annoyed again. Well I woke up today, decided to revisit every single area in the game, and finally unlocked Pandora and Promethea’s achievements. Towards the end of Eden-6, my Borderlands 3 crashed as it always does and when I rebooted the game, finished Eden-6… the achievement never popped up. All my progress was lost there as well as the other planets.

I guess my question is, what do I do now? Should I file a support ticket to Gearbox to get the achievements? Do I have to run through all 223 areas and hope they don’t reset?

Thank you for reading, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

GBX can’t remotely unlock achievements for you as they have no access to your save files (either the local or cloud save ones).

Seems weird that your progress reset - it sounds almost like your game either wasn’t saving, or the save file got corrupted and your XBox re-sync’d the older version down from the cloud. (IIRC sync up to cloud on XB1 only happens when you close out the game?)

Not sure what to suggest - I managed to get the achievements back in October, so it was working then (although it was still kind of buggy). Realistically, right now the choice is try running Eden-6 again or wait for the issue to be addressed in an update.

Any idea why your game crashes on Eden-6? Are you running some extreme combo of mayhem modifiers?

Hi there, thanks for your response.

Regarding the file potentially not saving. Anytime my game crashes, the only thing that doesn’t seem to save is the areas I’ve discovered. The map will still show its blue but if I renter it’ll say “area discovered” instead of “now entering”. Level progress, money, loot will all remain intact but just named locations will be reset.

As to why my game crashed at that certain point, I’m not exactly sure. The game runs quite poorly on my Xbox One S as it is and crashes quite often, so I try to counter balance by using lower res settings. Anyways, I was doing the mission “Get quick, slick” trying to get a certain area, when my game crashed as I was boosting over a ramp. I rebooted the game scared my progress had been lost, however when I spawned everything seemed fine and handy. I finished the last six areas I needed for the planet but never got the achievement. When I went back to locations I had done just an hour early earlier they all said “area discovered” meaning all progress was lost.

I also went back to Pandora and Promethea (which I did ALL the named locations in the same gaming session) and the areas, surprise surprise, all said “area discovered.”

Still, I wanted to finish what I started so I went to Nekrotafayo and wrapped up the areas I needed. Got all the areas, achievement never popped, and now I’m sitting at 223/223 completed on two characters but only have Pandora and Promethea achievements unlocked.

Other than contacting support to report the issue that crashing has on challenge and achievement progress, I’m not sure there’s much that can be done. It’s extremely unfortunate that the game seems prone to crashing on XB1S and X. I’m playing on an original XB1, and I’ve had relatively few crashes (maybe 6 or so now?)

If you want to contact support, the link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

Okay, I’ll contact them now. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

This is what I was doing yesterday as the game seems to reset discovered areas even when I manually quit out of the game to the main menu. I know for a fact it’s doing this because two nights ago I beat the last boss, quit the game, and when I started playing the next day the same areas said “area discovered” :l

Like I said, I spent the better part of eight hours yesterday going to every single named location in the game only for it to crash as I was about to finish Eden-6 (second last planet I needed to do). It reset all progress I had made during those eight hours.

At this point I’m extremely infuriated having completed ALL locations on multiple characters but still missing the achievements. Even if I decided to do all 223 named locations again, I’m worried the game will crash at some random point resetting all progress.

I’m stumped at this point