Arena Jennarit Fighting Pits

I came back and played and played alot,
thanks for the new character and double xp 5 days! and also the balance patches,its nice you heard the community and reacted so quickly,(i’ve played enough mmos and fps to know this is not usual).

Something I have noticed whilst spending my time in solus is the brick wall many players are having when trying the new style hybrid battlegrounds of Battleborn.

There is just so much going on at once,with shard collection,building,position,wave clearing ad the biggest one of all teamwork it makes for a lot for newer players to discover, if they just load up the game and hit the ground running.

So I see many players defaulting back to the thing they know and enjoy the best,which is just running around and killing other players.

This is compounded by the fact teamwork and objectives are paramount in BB and it makes for some pretty poor matchplay.

Before BB I played a lot of Smite,where I also noticed a similar thing,but it was mitigated mainly by the many different tiered game modes available to players.

One I thought was particularly useful was their Arena/Colliseum mode,which is almost a deathmatch but craftily by Hi Rez still puts in creeps/minions in which to a smaller degree (than conquest) can affect the outcome of the match.

When I started playing Smite after the coop Ai,this was where my need to shoot other players was satisfied but whilst this was happening I also learned the character that suited me best and how it matched up with other classes.

I also discovered the basic mechanics of waveclearing creeps in competative pvp,but without it crucially affecting the outcome of the match, like in the more advanced conquest modes.

So to sum it up Arena was really a gateway into their more advanced modes whilst still having fun.

When I do play Smite I still start off with an Arena match or 2,or if im tired i’ll drop down for some quick and easy fun,so even though my gameplay is more advanced now the arena game mode is still extremely useful and relevant.

Another side benefit of this is that it’s also way easier to give new players direction,and to also gently guide the more hardcore types who like to only run around chasing kills,to work with their team more.(although sometimes it is like herding kittens).

I notice from Battleborn lore that a few characters came out of the Jennarit fighting pits Caldarius/ElDragon and with the problems I see happening with new players,perhaps putting in an Arena gamemode similar to Smite would help the game in the same way as Smite?

I know from the BB Reddit Jythri has responded and said the team is aware and is working on a more advanced tutorial,which is great news thanks.

I will say though Smite had tutorials,(which I completed),but nothing was as useful as the Arena mode,if nothing else becuase I was actually pvping and having fun as I learnt spending way more hours here than I did in the tutorials,and ldiscovered alot about fighting other players which would have been infinitely more difficult and stressful in their conquest mode.

I’m not a game designer just your average gamer that’s spent alot of time playing your game,so apologies if this is old news to you devs,I know you speak to the guys at Hi Rez,maybe you could pick their brains about this mode and see if its useful for BB and newer players.

If you got this far thanks for reading.

Still finding the same problem in BB maybe its too much to expect solo que players to team for objectives,maybe all they want is to log in and shoot other players?